June 1999 Newsletter

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********    TeenLit Newsletter #4, June 1999    ********
Our biggest month yet!
    As we post the last of our published pieces of writing on the June page, it's amazing how we've grown in just 6 short months.  June has over 30 fresh pieces of Teen Writing!  And we have an average of 1000 visitors per week.  That's a lot of people to read your writing.  Keep up the good work!
Discussion Board
    Whoa- We've gotten a bit off track here. The purpose of this Discussion Board is to provide a place for Teen Writers to discuss writing. Not to stage drawn-out arguments over trivial matters. Let's get back to giving writers feedback. Remember to use the title of the work as the SUBJECT. And I know it sounds silly, but stick to praise & questions; we writers are a sensitive bunch.
Master Index Added
    It's now easier than ever to find a piece of writing.  We've put all of our monthly indexes together in one convenient place at https://teenlit.com/TeenWork/all.htm
Summer Survey
    What is the one book that you most highly recommend for other Teen readers?  Answer this question on the page:  https://teenlit.com/shop/yalit.htm   Check back to this same page for the survey results by the end of summer.
Book Store & Booklists Added
    To help pay for our web site (domain name, hosting, etc.) we've joined Amazon.com as an affiliate book seller.  That means for everyone who uses our site to go to or use Amazon.com, we'll receive 5-15% of their order amount.  Check out our bookstore at https://teenlit.com/shop/default.htm
    We've started a few recommended book lists, too, and we're always looking for new ideas.  Recommended books for writers, Short Story Collections , and Recommended books for teachers plus, Book Club Teacher Resources and Word Study Resources 
    For other reader goodies, we've also joined as a Levenger associate for "Tools for Serious Readers."  If you visit there from http://levenger.com/teenlit.asp, TeenLit will make 5% of all referred sales.
    Now obviously you need income and a credit card to shop online, so we're not expecting our Teens to actually go and spend money at these locations.  Instead, we're hoping you'll recommend these links to Teachers and other readers to help support our efforts.
New Opportunity for TeenLit published authors and active members
    If you've published at least one piece of writing, visit TeenLit regularly, and would like to be part of a smaller online community to discuss and work on your writing, check out our latest addition - TeenLit's eWeb.
Start with https://teenlit.com/eweb/
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Let us know if you'd like to be removed from this mailing list or if you're getting multiple copies.  Just email
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