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In the Middle
In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning

by Nancie Atwell
ISBN: 0867093749
Book Club for Middle School
by Taffy Raphael, Marcella Kehus, Karen Damphousse
After the End
After the End: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision

by Barry Lane
ISBN: 0435087142
Inside Out: Developmental Strategies for Teaching Writing
by Dan Kirby, Tom Liner, Ruth Vinz
ISBN: 0867092254
The Poet's Pen : Writing Poetry With Middle and High School Students
by Betty Bonham Lies, Brian Lies
ISBN: 1563081113
Seeking Diversity: Language Arts With Adolescents
by Linda Rief, Nancie Atwell
ISBN: 0435085980
Today You Are My Favorite Poet: Writing Poems With Teenagers
by Geof Hewitt
ISBN: 0867094524
Teaching Poetry Writing to Adolescents
by Joseph I. Tsujimoto
ISBN: 0814152260

Poetry: Starting from Scratch: A Two Week Lesson Plan for Teaching Poetry Writing
by Michael A. Carey
ISBN: 093498817X
Getting the Knack: 20 Poetry Writing Exercises
by Stephen Dunning, William Stafford
ISBN: 0814118488

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