December 1999 Newsletter

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December 1999 Newsletter

Our 1st Anniversary

Well, it's official . . . TeenLit has been online for one full year! In our first year, we've received over 600 submissions of Teen Writing and are proud to have published nearly half of these online.

We've also had well over 48,000 visitors!

Wow, let's all keep up the great work and make the year 2000 a great year in writing.

Published on the web and beyond!

Our latest months are now available to download, read, or even print as Adobe Acrobat files.

To download the free latest reader, go to http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html 

Our 2nd national presentation of TeenLit.com!

On December 3, 1999, Mrs. K presented our work so far on TeenLit.com to the National Reading Conference in Orlando, Florida. To check out the slide presentation, go to https://teenlit.com/research 

Teens take over submissions!

Our teen editorial board, known together as eWeb, have taken over judging many of the submissions. Although this may take additional time to give entries a yes or no on publication, we hope eventually to offer specific helpful feedback to our writers.

Looking for a good read?

Check out our book shop ( https://teenlit.com/shop  ) full of recommended titles. Be sure to tell parents & teachers that books ordered through our book shop's link to Amazon.com guarantees 5-15% of the proceeds will support TeenLit.com

Didn't get published?

Don't worry. Revise, revise, revise. And try again, soon. We're working on adding to our Writers Workshop area ( https://teenlit.com/workshop  ), too, so visit there for some great tips on improving your writing. And, in the words of our editor, "Please know that we can only publish a portion of the work submitted to our site and that this does not mean your piece of writing isn't good or that you aren't a good writer; it just means the particular piece you submitted this time would need further work before we can publish it on the TeenLit.com web site."

To remove your name from this mailing list, simply reply to the webmaster@teenlit.com with "remove" as the subject or go to https://teenlit.com/optout.htm 

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