March 1999 Newsletter

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TeenLit.com Newsletter #2 - March 1999

Did you know . . .

we've had over 5000 visitors since the beginning of 1999!

we've published nearly 50 pieces of teen writing so far this year!

our monthly newsletter now reaches over 150 email subscribers!

TeenLit.com will be presented this May in San Diego, California, at the International Reading Association.

Thank Yours

A great big thank you to all who've given us feedback. Thanks to your wise recommendations, we've changed some of our web site's colors and made it much more user-friendly. If you've got questions or comments, we're always ready to listen.

And thank you to those who've posted messages on our Discussion Boards. The 3 discussion boards are up and running smoothly. We've had lots of action on the Teen Writers Discussion and a few postings on Book Talk and the Teachers Discussion, too. Post a new message or reply soon.


A number of visitors have asked about copyright and we've done a bit of research to answer their concerns. It seems that once you put something in print, it is automatically copyrighted. Submitting a work for publishing on TeenLit.com does not take away your copyright privileges. In fact, we've added copyright information to our TeenLit Policies, too.

New This Month . . . Writing Tips

In encouraging writers to continually improve their work, we've added a number of writing tips. Check them out in the Teen Writing Section!

About the Author

So many visitors are interested in knowing more about the authors who've published their work on TeenLit.com, that we've decided to add a feature to published pages called "About the Author." If you're already published on TeenLit, just write up something from a brief paragraph to a full html page and we'll post it on the same page as your published piece.

Add Graphics, Sound or More

Along with your published piece of writing, you might want to add graphics, animations, sound, or complete html code to format the text. We encourage you to use the Web's multimedia features to enhance your writing. If you'd like to add something to your already published writing, just email the with your files attached. Follow the directions below in naming your files and always use your TeenLit handle.

An Important Note about TeenLit Handles & Naming Files

Remember your TeenLit handle? If not, go to the page containing your writing and check out its name - that's your TeenLit handle. Be sure to include this to identify anything you submit for your About the Author page, so we'll know where to post it. If you're attaching files, name them each beginning with your TeenLit handle and a number (0-9). For example, a writer whose TeenLit handle is example would name his or her files example1.gif, example2.waf, example3.htm, example4.doc, example5.jpg, etc.)

Acceptable File Formats

Often it's easier on the author and the webmaster to simply attach a piece of writing to email as a file. We understand this and want to let you know that we easily accept attachments in the following formats:

.doc, .wpd, .txt., .htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, .wav, .midi Remember when attaching files, include your TeenLit handle so we know to what page & work your attachments belong (see examples above). If you are submitting a new piece of writing to TeenLit.com, you must always first complete the Submission Form. Due to limited space, we also ask that you keep your individual file size below 20 kb per file and a total of 100 kb total or 10 files, whichever is smallest.

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