March 2000 Newslettter

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MARCH, 2000


Hello again teen authors! Thanks to you, our site has grown and grown!

We've now published hundreds of pieces of writing and the number of

submissions grows each month. For now we generally publish a little less

than half of what is submitted. So for those who don't get accepted the

first time, remember, revise, revise, revise. And keep coming back.


TeenLit.com is now averaging over 2000 visitors per week, which means lots

of people are reading and appreciating your work.


The teen editorial board has decided that the great work published in 1999

deserves some recognition. So we'll be sending out ballots very soon for

each member of our mailing list to vote on the best of 1999 including best

poem, best short story, best essay, and best overall writer. The ballot

will include works nominated by the teen editorial board, but you'll also be

able to "write in" works or writers yourself. The prizes this year, besides

just being honored and noted on the site & in our newsletter, will include

$25 gift certificates to Amazon.com. Ballots must be returned within a week

and, please, no more than one response per person/email.


TeenLit.com has been selected to be one of the exclusive listings in this

year's edition of the Internet Cool Guide, due out in April, a guidebook to

the 600 best Entertainment sites. TeenLit will be listed as one of the best

places for teens on the Internet!

We're starting to rack up some other awards (see

https://teenlit.com/awards.htm ), and if you know of any we might qualify

for, let us know. Or better yet, enter our site yourself.


Now that we have grown quite popular, we're getting lots of requests from

other sites to add them to our links page. But we take our role on the Web

seriously, so we won't add a link to our site until we've previewed it and

are assured it meets our standards in good taste, being relevant to teens,

and is not just a commercial ploy. This respect for you, our audience, is

the same reason we never share our mailing list, etc.


We always welcome your comments, whether it's to report something not

working or to suggest a change or addition to the site. Such comments

should be directed to the webmaster@teenlit.com.


Though we have been very careful to keep TeenLit non-commercial (notice, no

annoying banners or pop-ups), we do have one simple way that we raise money

to support the site (domain, hosting, etc.) and that is our affilliation

with Amazon.com. In fact, our book shop is filled with great book lists and

ideas. So anyone (you, parents, teachers, friends) who purchases books

there by starting at our site https://teenlit.com/shop will be donating

5-15% of the profits to TeenLit. Or you can go directly to our Amazon link

by entering http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect-home/teenlitcom or

clicking there now.


If you would like to be removed from this mailing list or are receiving

duplicate copies, you may opt out by either replying to this email with

"Remove" in the subject header and the email address you'd like removed.

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