Syllable Juncture

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Syllable Juncture Stage

ages 8 and up, much more fluent reading and writing, ready to examine patterns in polysyllabic words
Active exploration of words
Engaging prior knowledge
Exposure to words in meaningful contexts, in and out of connected text
Doubling consonants to make the short vowel
Open and closed syllables
Lower frequency vowel patterns
Concentration on sequence and combination of syllables
Word Spelling



confadent confedint confedent confadent conphident confiadent confiendent confodent
flexible flecksibl flesobil flecible flexeble flexibel flaxable flexibal flesable
Strategies for approaching new words in reading (word knowledge in context)
Review common structural elements in words.
Word hunts
Base & root trees
  1. Begin with one- and two-syllable word sorts with endings.
  2. Review common consonant and vowel patterns with word sorts.
  3. Do word sorts with ending without root change.
  4. Do word sorts with endings with root change.
  5. Do word sorts with double consonants within the root.
  6. Do final-schwa-syllable word sorts.
  7. Do schwa-vowel word sorts (other syllables).
Take and Make Activity Homophone Rummy (p. 315-319, Bear, Templeton, Invernizzi, and Johnston)

Walters & Kehus, 1998


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