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Preliterate Stage

ages 1-7, pretends to read, write and spell, emergent period of literacy development
features of print
predictability of text
concept of word
alphabet knowledge
awareness of spoken sounds
vocabulary and concept development

(from James Beers in Spelling Research and Instruction, p. 57)

Read aloud and often.  Use big books.
Have students learn and use the alphabet song.
Place alphabet strips on desks.
Encourage students to draw and to write.
Use dictations and experience charts to show matches between spoken words and printed words.
Have students echo- and choral-read dictations and poems.
Play rhyming games.
Put words around the room as labels for objects.
Have students listen to and create pattern stories and poems.
Have students match picture cards with beginning consonants.
Have students begin to develop picture/word banks.
  1. Concept Sorts for categorization (Seasons, Furniture, Animals, Fruits and Vegetables, Clothing (striped, plain, seasonal, etc.))
  2. Alphabet Sort(lower case and capital, various fonts)
  3. Begin picture sorts that focus on beginning sounds.
  4. When beginning-consonant sorts are successful, move on to final-consonant sorts.
Take and Make Activity Alphabet Concentration


Walters & Kehus, 1998


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