Derivational Constancy

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Derivational Constancy Stage

ages 10 and up, specialized reading and writing
Objectives Emphasis on the spelling/meaning connection

Bases and affixes

Examples fewer errors, similar to those of syllable juncture

especially words which retain spelling from meaning root but change sounds

i.e. pleasure, confidence, opposition



More base and root trees
Have students do word-expansion activities.
Have students create meaning maps using derived/related forms.
Have students do word etymologies for spelling and meaning.
  1. Have students do word sorts that connect spelling changes in words; related words with no root change, related words with silent letters and related words that have spelling changes.
  2. Have students sort related words that change from short to long forms.
  3. Have students sort related words that change from long vowel sound to schwa.
  4. Have students sort related words that change from schwa to short vowel sound
  5. Have students do common Latin/Greek word sorts
Take and Make Activity Latin Root Jeopardy (p. 341-345, Bear, Templeton, Invernizzi, and Johnston)

Walters & Kehus, 1998


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