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AP English
English 9-2
Women's Literature
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Room 175, Berkley High School

(248) 837-8199

Room 212, Center for the Advanced Studies and the Arts

Currently  teaching Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, English 9-2 and Directed Study in English:  Women's Literature at BHS and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition at CASA (Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts)

Have taught English 9-2, English 11-1 Honors , English 11-2, and English 10-2 at Berkley High  School as well as Literature of the 60's at CASA

Former teacher  (12 years) of Language Arts and Editor of The Norup  Insider, a bi-weekly school newspaper published by 8th  graders at Norup Middle  School in Berkley , Oakland  County, Michigan

Doctor of Philosohpy, Reading Education

Doctoral  of Philosophy in Reading and Language Arts Education (minor in writing) at Oakland  University , Rochester, MI

Graduate of Michigan  State University
Bachelor of Arts in English, with minors in psychology  and art history
Secondary Provisional Teaching Certificate
Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching(MACT)

Vita (in .pdf  format)

Professional  Memberships

Michigan  Reading Association
International  Reading Association
National  Reading Conference
National  Council of Teachers of English
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
American Psychological Association
American Educational Research Association
International Society for Technology in Education
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Michigan Reading Association

CoFounder,  webmaster & researcher

TeenLit.com is a private  not-for-profit web site currently funded and administered  by two secondary teachers in Southeast Michigan.

The sole purpose  of TeenLit.com is to promote Teen Literacy by providing a  forum for teen writers  to publish and discuss their writing,  review and discuss books they read, and to provide a  resource for their teachers.

TeenLit.com is  also a research site for these  teachers to investigate the efficacy of the World Wide  Web in facilitating Teen Literacy in the above-mentioned  ways by examining the interchanges that occur through  this venue.