Policies & Expectations
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Policies & Expectations

1. Students are expected to do their personal best in all class work and to participate in all class activities.  Students are to be respectful of themselves, the teacher, and their fellow students including their work, materials, and rights.

2. Bring all materials daily:  1) Writing utensils (pen, pencil, and correcting/editing color); 2) college ruled composition book for daily journal writing; 3)  full-size college-ruled notebook (separate from journal) for taking notes to be studied, practice work and in-class writing assignments; 4) binder/ pocket to keep papers; 5) Agenda Planner, and, 6) Literature selection being read.

3. Students are to be seated and begin working on their warm-up when the bell rings or they will be marked tardy.  Warm-up work may include journal writing, notes, vocabulary, or practice work to as given on the board and is expected to take the first 10 minutes of class.

4. Papers may be re-written and submitted for re-grading provided they are turned in within a week of receiving the assignment and are re-submitted along with the original paper and grading sheet.

5. Final drafts of papers should be word processed and adhere to the following guidelines:  1" margins, 12pt. font, Times New Roman or other Serif font, black ink, double spaced, one side of paper only.  Papers are to be handed in with a stapled upper-left corner and no other sort of cover.  All of the above criteria apply to final drafts written in class except that the typed font is replaced by neat handwriting, and there is no need to skip lines of paper on a final draft.

6. An excused absence allows you as many days as you were absent to make up missed work.  Seek help from students first, then me, to copy notes, get missed work, catch up on reading, schedule test make-ups, etc.  The responsibility for making up absent work is the student's.

7. Late work is not accepted for daily assignments or 1-page position papers.  Late major projects/papers, and journals go down a grade for each day they are late.  Tests must be made up within the number of days absent following an excused absence or will be considered a 0%.

8. Seek out my assistance when necessary during seminar or make arrangements for another time.

9. Follow the rules and regulations of Berkley High School as presented in your student handbook, plus:

a. In class, no:  headphones, pop, food, or personal grooming.

b. Failure to work in class will result in being sent to the Responsibility Room.

c. Three or more rule infractions (i.e. tardies, no materials, disruptive, etc.) will result in a zero hour to be served within two school days of the date assigned.

d. Excessive missing work (3+ assignments) will result in both a parent contact.

10. Plagiarism, the copying of someone else's work and presenting as your own, will result in a zero for that assignment as well as both a parent and administration contact.