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Marcella J. Kehus


To obtain a full-time, tenure track position in a University, wherein I could instruct, conduct research, and pursue academic publication



Secondary Language Arts Teacher, 1987-present

Berkley School District   Berkley, Michigan

§         Currently teaching all Advance Placement Literature and Composition courses to seniors

§         Currently teach specialized and advanced placement English courses for juniors and seniors at the Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts, a six-district magnet school for academically and artistically talented students

§         NCA Reading Consultant

§         Taught all four grade levels of English at the high school level

§         Taught Middle School Language Arts (including Journalism and Drama) for 13 years

§         Member of Building Technology Team, Language Arts Curriculum Committee, and School Improvement Committee

§         Created and sponsored of Middle School Writers Club and Berkley High School Web Design Club

§         Conducted numerous in-district in-services including Process Writing, Writing across the Content Areas, Classroom Management, and Book Club


University Adjunct Instructor, 2001-present
Syracuse University, Department of English            Syracuse, NY

§         Currently teach two official University credit-based courses for Syracuse University on Berkley High School campus

§         Course syllabi, student achievement, and teaching are continually monitored to maintain University-like setting and standards

§         Continuing involvement in professional development, collegial support, and university guidance through on-site visits and campus workshops

§         Two courses are WRT 105, a writing studio highlighting multiple genres and processes, and ETS 141, a theory-based critical analysis literature course


University Instructor, 2000-2001
Michigan State University, Birmingham Groves Extension Center, Birmingham
TE 802/804:  Literacy Seminar for fifth-year elementary teaching interns

Research Assistant, 1998 - 2000
Oakland University         Rochester, Michigan
Responsibilities included data collection, management, and analysis for the Re-Engaging Low-Achieving Readers Project, Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Instruction (CIERA).  Leadership in professional development activities and maintenance of a three-node network, Teachers Learning Collaborative.  Participation as a Teacher-in-Residence, network for teacher inquiry sponsored through the Walgreen Foundation and CIERA, University of Michigan.

University Instructor, 1995-2000
Oakland University            Rochester, Michigan
Reading 414:  Reading Appraisal in the Elementary Classroom
Reading 530D:  Book Club Workshop:  Teaching and Learning Literacy through Autobiography


Ph. D. in Reading and Language Arts
November, 2000, Oakland University, Rochester, MI


This case study of a group of adolescent writers explored their use of language, literacy knowledge, and technology in creating and sustaining a discourse community on the World Wide Web.


Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching, 1989 - 1993, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

§         Thesis consisted of integrating Michigan's Language Arts standards within all academic content areas for district-wide literacy curriculum.


Bachelor of Arts, English, Secondary Education, 1983-1987, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

§         Graduate of Multiple Perspectives teacher education program




Raphael, T.E., Au, K., Pardo, L., & Scheu, J., Kehus, M.J., & Carroll, J.,  SuperQAR for the Test-Wise Student. (in press).  The Wright Group.  Seattle, WA.

Raphael, T.E., Kehus, M.J., & Damphousse, K.  Middle School Book Club. (2001).  Small Planet.  Boston, MA.

Raphael, T.E., Florio-Ruane, S., Kehus, M.J., Highfield, K., & George, M. Thinking for Ourselves: Literacy Learning in a Diverse Teacher Inquiry Network. The Reading Teacher.  (March, 2001). 

Kehus, M.J., Opportunities for teenagers to share their writing online. (2000).  Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 44 (2), 130-137.
also available at Reading Online

Raphael, et. al., The Book Club Plus Network. (1999).  What counts as teacher research?:  An essay.  Language Arts. 77(1), 48-52.

Kehus, M.J., Sue, the T-rex (informational text for middle school readers).  Field Museum of Natural History. (1999) Chicago, IL.




























































National Reading Conference
December, 2001        San Antonio, TX
Co-Presenter:  Merging Technology, Teaching, and Learning:  Developing and Using Learning Environments Supported by Technology

American Anthropological Association
November, 2001         Washington, D.C.
Invited Poster Session:  Research by New Scholars in the Anthropology of Education
”Toward a Virtual Discourse Community:  Adolescent Writers on the World Wide Web”

National Council of the Teachers of English
November, 2001          Baltimore, MD
As part of research roundtable: Learning from Autobiography, Conversation, and Narrative:  The Work of Teachers and Youngsters
”Adapting Book Club Plus to the Middle School”

Galileo Leadership Consortium
July, 2000     Oakland Community College     Farmington Hills, MI
Teacher Inquiry in Partnership
Co-Presenter:  Learning from Autobiography, Conversations, and Narrative:  The Work of Teachers and Youngsters

National Reading Conference
November, 2000     Scottsdale, AZ
Paper Session:  An Online Discourse Community of Adolescent Writers

National Reading Conference
November, 2000     Scottsdale, AZ
Co-Presenter: CIERA Poster Session: Book Club Plus, Year 3 Intervention study

National Reading Conference
November, 2000     Scottsdale, AZ
Round Table Leader:  Seeing the World in Grains of Sand:  Cases, Complexity and Cognitive Flexibility in the Teachers Learning Collaborative

International Reading Association
May, 2000         Indianapolis, IN
Co-presenter:  CIERA (Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement) Teacher Network:  CIERA Teacher Researchers:  Autobiography Book Club Plus
Roundtable:  Middle School Book Clubs

International Reading Association
May, 2000         Indianapolis, IN
Co-presenter:  Research Awards Address

National Reading Conference
December, 1999         Orlando, FL
Symposium:  "Reconciling the Cognitive and the Social in Conceptualizing Literacy Processes"
Paper:  Genre Knowledge as Writers Schema

National Reading Conference
December, 1999         Orlando, FL
Paper session:  "Adolescent Literacies, Representations and Identities"
Paper:  A Virtual Discourse Community of Adolescent Writers

National Reading Conference
December, 1999         Orlando, FL
Co-author:  A Comparison of Running Records to Other Assessment Tools for Purposes of Determining Reading Levels and Administration Time

International Reading Association
May, 1999            San Diego, CA  An Online Forum for Student Literacy and Teacher Exchange

Birmingham School District
October, 1999      Birmingham, MI
Middle School Book Club:  Differentiating through a Literature-based Language Arts Program

School District of the City of Madison Heights
October, 1999      Madison Heights, MI
Middle School QARs:  Improving Reading Comprehension and Test Taking

Michigan Reading Association
March, 2000          Detroit, MI
Online Publishing for Secondary Student Writers:  Policies, Procedures, and Possibilities

Chippewa Valley Schools
August, 2000  Chippewa Valley, MI
Book Club Workshop

Michigan Reading Association
March, 2000          Detroit, MI
Co-presenter:  The Teaching Learning Collaborative:  Linking Communities of Practice

Rochester Community Schools
May, 1999          Rochester, MI
Co-presenter:  Book Club Plus:  Differentiated Instruction for elementary through middle school  students.

Michigan Reading Association Conference
March, 1999         Grand Rapids, MI
Middle School Book Club:  Engaging Adolescents in Conversations about Literature

Michigan Reading Association Conference
March, 1999         Grand Rapids, MI
Co-Presenter:  CIERA - Work in Progress:  "Book Club Plus:  A Collaborative Project to Develop Balanced Literacy Instruction Using Genre-Based Curriculum and Internet Technology"

Michigan Reading Association Conference
March, 1998         Grand Rapids, MI
Integrating Spelling and Word Study in a Whole Language Classroom


Member and proposal reviewer for Council on Anthropology in Education, Committee #11, Applied Research and Implications for Cultural and Educational Futures, 2001-present

Reviewer for Research in the Teaching of English, 2000-present

Doctoral student guest reviewer for Reading Research Quarterly, 2000

Reviewer for NRC 2000 conference proposals

Webmaster, (  Site for publishing adolescent writing as well as space for interactions around their own writing, a writers workshop, links, and teacher resources.


McCarthey-Dressman Education Foundation, One Year, $6500 grant to continue site and research


National Reading Conference

International Reading Association

National Council of the Teachers of English

American Psychological Association

American Educational Research Association

International Society for Technology in Education

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Michigan Reading Association