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In addition to the "dead white male" literature of the so-called Western Canon, we dedicate this webguide to furthering your reading of great literature by great women.

This particular webguide is a work in progress by Berkley High School's group of students currently enrolled in a Directed Study in English:  Women's Literature.

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bullet Virginia Woolf and Mrs. Dalloway
bullet Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid's Tale
bullet Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre
bullet Toni Morrison and The Bluest Eye
bullet Kate Chopin - The Awakening
bullet Maya Angelou
bullet Emily Dickinson
bullet Sara Teasdale
bullet Anne Sexton
bullet George Sand
bullet Music as Women's Literature
bullet Feminist Criticism


BHS Directed Study:  Women's Literature syllabus (download in .pdf format)

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