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Is this good????????

The Eagle’s Dagger , the Weasel’s Fire, and the Bear’s War hammer, all of the same origin. The Koroku tribe, the Koroku tribe is a long lost tribe separated by hate. The Koroku tribe had a large stone marking the cave of their great leader, Kairu. Of the beginning of the generation of hate there was a war which separated the strong, wise and the curious of the tribe. With these differences made clear the tribe began to fight amongst themselves. The wise guided the strong to battle and the curious scouted. They won the war, but it created and out cry , each group within the tribe declared they had done the most work, when the next generation came (the generation of hate), the parents made the difference even more distinct, soon Kairu could take the tribes bickering no longer so he dragged his stone from his house and put it in the center of the Koroku Village and proclaimed with all of the Korokus watching, “See here my fellow Korokus, why must you bicker? Why must you separate your offspring and teach them to hate? I can take this no longer, you all must leaves this land and never come back.” All the Korokus went silent, not even a murmur, he began again, “Leave now, but first I shall make names of your new tribes and present to you a gift for each tribe, for you will need them in the time to come. Of the wise, the Eagles, of the strong the Bears, and of the curious the Weasels.” Laughter arose from the Bears and Eagles. The great Kairu shouted in anger “what shall I call you, shall I rename you to be the disrespectful cockroaches and the scavenging vultures, no! Respect them as they shall you.” His face was bright red with rage. He took a sledge hammer from beside him and slammed it against his giant stone. All became quiet, then from the dead silence came a series of chinks, and with a burst of light the stone broke into three pieces. Kairu called out three names, Brandon of the Bears, Endoah of the Eagles and Wasah of the Weasels. They were each the same age, 14 they stepped forward to Kairu shaking all over, “now” he said, “you are now the new leaders of your tribes” there was murmuring amongst the new tribes, “Lead your people to greatness, now each of you take a piece of the stone.” In their greed they rushed to the stone like animals, Brandon taking the largest stone, Endoah tried to get the second largest but was to weak to carry it, the Bears and Weasels laughed with glee, so Wasah trotted over to Endoah and took the stone from him, leaving him with the smallest piece. Kairu was disgusted at how the young leaders were acting, so he stood before the leaders and spat at them, everyone gasped. “Now leave you despicable creatures!” The three stood there in shock, but then Brandon picked up his piece of the stone and walked slowly to where his fellow Bears were. Endoah and Wasah followed his lead and joined their own tribes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Then from the bushes came a Bear. He rose up with pride and glee to mockingly say, “A little Eagle, a poor, poor Eagle,” and he began laughing menacingly. He walked forward to Andros till he was right in his face, “you are not welcome here Eagle. If you do not leave in thirty seconds, I will force you.” Andros smiled “Try me Bear.” The Bear paused, Andros did not know why, but then it popped into his head almost at the same time the Bear punched him in the face. Thirty seconds. He was thrown to the ground, knocking the wind out of him, even if he was prepared for the hit he’d still be laying there, because everyone knows Bears are abnormally strong but stupid. Unfortunately for the Bear, Andros can take hits. He lay there on the ground, thinking to himself “what the hell just happened!” the Bear walked towards Andros thinking he was knocked out and began to pick him up, but Andros was very much conscience. He bit the Bear on the wrist extremely hard using his sharp teeth to make it bleed. When a Bear is injured it either swings into extreme rage, the adults, or they start whining like little babies, the younger Bears, but it takes enormous strain to penetrate a Bear’s skin, but an Eagle knows the right points to strike, such as the wrist. The Bear swung Andros around as he clenched his teeth on the Bear’s wrist, he let go and was thrown to a tree in which he hit and slid down. Andros got up with blood dripping from his mouth, his blood and the Bear’s, the Bear was writhing in pain. He walked slowly to the Bear savoring his victory and smiling said, “Try me Bear” and started to walk away, the Bear looked up at Andros, mumbling “I was just trying to help you” “what are you talking about!” “the others were watching, they would have killed you had I not have fought” “yeah well you almost knocked me out” “I said thirty seconds” “so” “you should have left” “I couldn’t, I’m looking for someone” “what?” “A dumb ass brute” “who” “some guy called Brute or Brotus,” “Brutos?” “Yeah that’s it, you know him?” “Yes, why would an Eagle wish to speak with him?” “Not an Eagle, the Eagle Council, I’m just the grand wings.” “Oh, well why would they want to speak with me?” “You, you’re the brute! It can’t be, is that what Brandon looked like?” “Brandon? The greatest being to ever walk Esmora? Greater than Kairu himself?” “Uh sure whatever” “take me to the Eagles Council at once!”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A young Weasel sat on the side of a road silently eating bread, listening for anything intriguing, but none came. As she hoisted herself up she saw something that caught her eyes, a shiny object protruding from the ground, being a Weasel she was curious and rushed to see what it was. As she neared the object she heard two voices, these were unfamiliar voices so she ducked down on the side of the road, blending in as growing closer, and closer. She looked out from her hiding spot see what the two voices were coming from, a deep voice coming from a Bear, and a semi-deep voice coming from an Eagle. She recognized them quickly, she knew their type, the despicable tribes, long had her people hated the Bears and Eagles. She had been sent to represent her people at the Eagles Council, they did not want to go, but they feared of what might happen if they did not attend. She snapped out of her trance and concentrated on the Bear and Eagle, she heard the Bear say “so why again do they want me to come?” “Because you’re like the chosen Bear or something” replied the Eagle bitterly. The Weasel drew her flame sticks ready to ignite them, “Is there a Weasel coming?” the Bear asked curiously, “yeah” the Eagle replied in disgust. She ignited the flame sticks quietly. “I still don’t get it, why is there a meaning?” “I don’t know, don’t ask me Bear” “so what’s the importance of the Weasel?” “Same as you, the great chosen Weasel,” the Eagle chuckled loudly. The Weasel had heard enough, she leaped from her hiding spot with her flame sticks flaming and yelled “You Demons Silence!” The Eagle jumped three feet in the air, while the Bear stood tall. “We shall not harm you Weasel” said the Bear his voice gentle. “Oh I’ll make sure you wont, you evil creatures” She grinned an evil grin, “Now here, here young Weasel we mean you no harm, we are headed to the Eagle’s council and surely they would know if we didn’t show up” said the Eagle his voice cracking. She put out her flame sticks and sheathed them in one quick motion. “I too must go before the Eagles Council” “so would that make you the Weasel?” “No I’m a Wolf” “What is that? I’ve never heard of that before.” “My name is Katrina.” The two stared at each other, obviously trying to remember the others name, Katrina just rolled her eyes laughing.

Is it good? I doubt it but oh well.
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