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Full Dissertation (.pdf)
Dissertation Defense:  Short Version
Dissertation Summary:  Long Web Version

Marcella J. Kehus
November, 2000
Oakland University

Book Club: A Literature-based Language Arts Program
InService, 8/7/00

Secondary Content Area Literacy
Marcella J. Kehus
presented to Berkley School District, New Teachers, 1/10/99

Genre Knowledge as Writer's Schema
(Power Point slides  or .pdf document)
- Oakland University
as part of Reconciling the Cognitive and the Social in Conceptualizing Literacy Processes with
Mary McVee - University of Nevada, Reno
James Gavelek - Oakland University
Kailonnie Dunsmore - Michigan State University
James A. Erekson - University of Western Colorado
Discussant:  Richard C. Anderson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
National Reading Conference, Symposium
December, 1999, Orlando, FL  A Virtual Community of Adolescent Writers, Study One 
Marcella J. Kehus
National Reading Conference
December, 1999, Orlando, FL
An Online Forum for Student Literacy & Teacher Exchange

Marcella J. Kehus & Kimberly Siedlik
IRA Technology Session
May, 1999, San Diego, CA

Middle School Book Club: Engaging Adolsescents in Conversations around Literature
Marcella J. Kehus & Linda Pavonetti
PowerPoint slides or outline
Michigan Reading Association Conference
March, 1999, Grand Rapids, MI
also presented at Oakland University, Fall, 1998, and Rochester Schools, Fall, 1999

Integrating Spelling and Word Study in a Whole Language Classroom
Kelley Walters & Marcella Kehus
42nd Annual Michigan Reading Association Conference
"The Many Faces of Literacy"
March, 1998, Grand Rapids, MI


Book Club for Middle School

by Taffy Raphael, Marcella Kehus, Karen Damphousse
Small Planet Communications, 2001.
Literacy Learning in a Diverse Teacher Inquiry Network
The Reading Teacher
Taffy E. Raphael, Susan Florio-Ruane, Marcella J. Kehus, Kathy Highfield, and MariAnne George.  March, 2001.  V  54, #6.  p. 596-607.
Dissertation:  Full Text (.pdf)
Marcella J. Kehus
November, 2000
Oakland University
Chair:  Taffy E. Raphael
Advisors:  Susan Florio-Ruane, John McEneaney, James R. Gavelek, B. Joyce Wiencik

Working with Teen Writers Online:  Policies, procedures, & Possibilities (.pdf document)
Marcella J. Kehus
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
October, 2000
Volume 44, Number 2, p. 130-137
also available at ReadingOnline 

What Counts as Teacher Research?:  An Essay
with The Book Club Plus Group
Language Arts
September, 1999 
Volume 77, Number 1, p. 48-52  A Virtual Community of Adolescent Writers, Study One
(.pdf document)

Marcella J. Kehus
As presented at the National Reading Conference, December 1999

Genre Knowledge as Writer's Schema
(.pdf document)
Marcella J. Kehus - Oakland University

Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex
(.pdf document)
middle school text for Field Museum of Natural History
Marcella J. Kehus