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Default Catty Johnson snippit

(Excuse my typing errors, theres probably quite a few...)

She strode into the six form common room like she was royalty. Her stance, the way she surveyed the room of students, and the satisfied smile on her lips; the way she tossed her hair and the fact her shoulders were always back. It amazed me, the way she could make the look so comfortable, like it was so natural to her to stand with a proper, royal slouch to her hip, she could balance a book on her head and still look relaxed. She wasn't skinny either, not fat either, she looked voluptous and, kind of tasty...i kind of, wierd..boy, i wanted to taste her.
"This is class 12C right?" The girl, or, late arrival- see we'd know she was coming for quite a while, just not know when, but we'd been told her name, Cathy Johnson.
"Yes, sit where you can find a space, you're late, do you have a note? Cathy yes?"
"Yeah, i'm Cathy, but nah, i don't have a note Tanya i'm sorry."
"Excuse me?"
"Oh, sir names right? Sorry, um...i've been home schooled, kind of a habbit. Sorry Miss...Alan."
Miss Alan nodded and carried on about Einstien's theory, i should not have taken A level science, gee wiz...E=MC squared...oh the genius...

Cathy Johnson sat next to me, my happily vacant seat occupied by a lot of curve.
She took out her text book and began coppying down the equations on the board.
I became entranced by the flash of her gold painted nails...jeesus, they were like at least an inch and a bit long each.

A note hit my desk. I un folded the piece of paper:

"Yowch you seen the length of her nails boy? Owch, you caught your self a cat! Catty Johnson! MEEOW!!"

I looked behind and grinned at Isacc Field, who grinned back and i laughed aloud.
I was stopped by a momentary glane from Miss Alan and a pause in her sermon.
I contained my self. Something that was exercised into me by five years of teachers yelling at me for joining in with the idiots, and, 'having no sense of self dicipline what so ever', and you have to stress the 'what so ever' part.

"Hey," Catty whispers...no, hisses. she's got eyes like a cat and all, freakin creepy i swear, a yellow milky brow colour for irises. Wierdo. The chick was wierd.
"Do you have a pen i can borrow? Mine just kinda ranut of ink."
"Yeah, sure."
I grabbed a pen and handed it to her.
"Thanks." She said.
"What's your name?"
"Owen." I reply, stiffening, everything about her made you stiff, in a million ways.
She has this natural blush and heavy eye make up and locks of black.
Wow. I wanted her and also wanted to keep as far away from her as possible.
"Cool, Owen. Wanna grab some coffee or something?"
"OWEN!" Ohh, we got caught. We shut up until she turned her back.
"Ermm...yeah, alright."
"Cool." She smiled.
"Owen, out."

From out side the class room i watched her working, in her clingy red sweater and torn blue jeans, i watched her slide my chair out of the way and spread her work out over the desk so as she had my working space as well as hers. Cheek. I'll always wonderr if she meant to do that.

After Miss Alan was finished with me i left the grounds, we had a free period.
Isacc met me half way, and we grabbed some chips and crappy fried stuff from Dixy Chicken and had a fag. So we were well dosed up by the time we got back to school. Dosed up with fat that is.

"Can you hear that?"
Isacc asked, stopping for a moment.
"No." I couldn't hear anything.
I lied. I heard a cat meow, and make a noise deep in its throat that sounded like if i didnt move it would attack my face.

"Yeah, i heard a cat."
"Nah, not the cat, i think theres a fight or something, come on."
Sometimes Isacc reminds me of the spindly kid in year seven who tripped over his feet as he chased some random person with two other classes ft no rason around the school.
The tone in his voice reminded me of a long time ago.
So i jogged with him further into a crowd.
And there she was. Curvey Catty Johnson giving some serious lip to some year twelve and the high school kids were loving it up like hell. They'd never seen such action between kids so old before.
They looked like old enemys.
It was just Catty and Joline, i knew her. Under statement. She's my ex.
Jolie was spitting crap about, well, something about how, Catty keeps snaggin' all her boy friends...stupid slag...tight ass tart, cheap ****...what else can i say? And she called Catty a witch.
And Catty hit her, turned what would have been a good slap into a claws. She friggin clawed her, it was brilliant, wathcing Jolie get hit so bad. Maybe a bit too bad, she bled like hell,and she cried but she got up and some friends took her to the nurse.
People scattered, it was over. I put a hand on Catty's shoulder, and i swear to god she was growling.
"What!" She hissed, and i jumped back, stumbled, because the light caught her eyes funnny, her pupils dilated into ovals.
She said, laughing at my frozen expression.
"Don't look so scared. I'm only taking the piss out of my self. Any one can growl. The attitude comes with the claws." She told me, linking my arm and dragging me towards the gates.
"Now how about that coffee?"
She asked, smiling.
"We'll miss class." I said.
"Yeah, i know." She whispered into my ear.
"I wrote how the first science was made by magic..."


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