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Default Getting Published

Do any of you have any tips on getting a book published?
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Perhaps you should write what people like to read. I heard the little-old lady industry does really well with people like Nora Roberts and Daniel Steele. =)

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You should write whatever you want to write (within reason--rips-offs of Harry Potter will more likely land you in court than on a bookshelf ). As for publishing itself, it's a long and complicated process that I don't have time to fully explain! The bloomsbury website (I think it's www.bloomsbury.com ) is pretty useful, in the Writer's section. Have a look around in the internet, there's plenty about it. Good luck if you go for it! (And grow elephant-thick skin for those early rejections!)
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Imelda's right, those first rejections are surely tough and I wish you the best hun with your book!!
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Yes, rejections are tough, I got my first one a few months ago. It stung.
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