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I must’ve blacked right then and there, because I found myself waking up…at nighttime! Great, I thought, I fainted in the school’s library. Real smooth. I can just hear Zachary’s mocking coming. I just prayed that the door wasn’t locked.

To my relief, I was lucky. The door was left wide open in the front of the room.

Hold on, it’s open? It wasn’t when I entered in the afternoon. Someone came here after I fainted and opened the door! I guess they must’ve missed me unconscious on the floor. I shook the thought of quickly and headed outside.

Klink! Wait, what was that?!

I put my ear against the nearby wall, and listened. It came to me louder this time.

Klink! Again, louder! KLINK!

It was then I realized it was coming from around the corner. For a minute, I froze. Should I go the other way and alert someone like Zachary about the noise so he can have some unbelievable explanation about it? Or should I…? I thought about it, and then sighed wearily. Whoever or whatever is making that stupid noise will probably hear and find me if I go the other way. Besides, if it’s a person, I can ask for directions. Stupid school.

I stepped around the corner, and then I saw the source of the racket.

Madeline. She had a oversized bat and her hands and was hammering her locker with it. Wait, was that even her locker?

“Hey! Hey! Stop it now!” I exclaimed. Oh, how foolish of me…

Madeline halted her beatings for a second. However, I started to sweat when her grip tightened around her bat. She turned around to face me. If there was a contest for causing the blood to leave your face, Madeline would win with no competition.

It was then I noticed that Madeline, like Jada and Benny Mathis, was way taller than me. “You again,” she scowled. Well she scowled at first, then she smiled. “You’re right, kid.”

“I am?” I managed to squeak out. Please don’t have intentions of murder, Madeline, please!

“Destroying someone else’s locker to relieve myself of stress is kind of rude.” So it wasn’t her locker. I felt sorry for the kid who would find his locker damaged beyond belief, but not as sorry as I was for me.

She continued on. “I like beating people anyways.”


“You deaf or something?”

I backed away quickly. “Y-you…you’re not serious…?”

Madeline responded by seizing my collar and pulling me up to eye level. She still had her bat in hand.

With her soft, light voice, she said, “Do you know why I’m in here, Gagne? I’m in for things you could never dream of. I like violence, but that’s not all. I like blood. I like death. I’m evil and sadistic in every way possible. Wait, it gets so much better. People think `How can one girl be so destructive?` It’s quite simple actually.” she laughed spitefully. She released my collar, and I fell to the ground.

Please, oh lord, just let this be some sort of sick twisted dream!

“Gagne, you’re lucky,” she said leaning on her bat for support. “You’re not crazy. You don’t have to see all the stuff we see. It drives me crazy.” she shook her head.

I mustered up what courage, if any, I had left and I lifted myself up and took a step towards her. “I-I’ve seen some things too.” Once again, how foolish of me!

She grabbed me again, but this time was much more gentle.

“Gagne, you see them too? The other ones? Can you see them now? Say something! You have no idea of how much pain I’m in! You gotta help me get rid of them! It’s not me, it’s them! It’s always been them. Say something,” she order shaking me frantically.

Again, she dropped me when no sound came out of my mouth.

She growled and struck the lockers with her bat. “OH! You are useless! A spineless coward! Just like Mathis! Why won’t you admit you see things too? UGH!”

Madeline took one last swing at the lockers, and with that she fled the scene, leaving her bat at the foot of the lockers.

What was her problem?! Attacking me like that? I thought she was cruel when I met her earlier, but man, she didn’t act like this before! It was only a matter of time until I really figured out what was really going on within the halls of Charleston Boarding School.
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