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Old 10-20-2006, 01:10 PM   #1
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K. I feel mean.
I know you can't force someone too look on the brighter side of something that doesnt have another side to be brighter, and i know people yelling at you to be happy doesnt help. but there is still a whole world, there are still dreams you can follow. you want to b a teacher right? well, do that, do what you like doing.
i know you like writingm duh, else you wouldnt b on this site, but its like you use it to create a fake world that reflects pain and hurt and you jus want to express it.
Try this.
Write a story, or poem, but i feel storys are better cuz they can go on. And put what you want in it. I mean, thats wha i do. You get real pissed off and upset and write dark stuff. i mix mine, my storys. i turn emotions into people, into characters, and i make my characters create their own world, their own perfection, which is close to your perfection. Do you get that?

i wish their was more magic in this world.
my two characters, both girls become friends, i gues they represent the way i became when i broke, and what the breaking has meant, the kind of, past and present of me. and these characters can create stuff so passionate that it becomes real, and its salvation, a little piece of mind, when something hard comes their way, they know if they wanted they could just make it dissapear. but they do't, because they know it wouldn't be right, they'd be living lies, and in the past and it wouldn't work. it would get boring, and just too perfect. and i wrote it, and i realised if i had the power to fix everything, make it all better that i wouldn't. i wouldn't make elior or kitty my friends again, i wouldn't wipe yami and mimi off the face of the earth...i just wouldn't. because, i've lost and i'd got a lot more. and in time you will realise that, in whch ever way, that there are doors opened that are closed, you can start again, you can make it new. you canfind a new boy friend, you can have a crush, and stop drinking, i have this idea that it doesnt help....mmm, so, you can make new friends and get some.....k, i dunno what the hel this thing you have is, what it does why it hurts, think i've forgotten, something bout too much acid, damn dunt remember, well if it is, try neutralising it. milk? you can ignore that if you like, i honestly dont know anything about this...but it was worth a shot.

so, create your world in worlds, and you can make it as perfect as you like, and you can go there when ever you want...
"I wrote how the first science was made by magic..."

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