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Post reborn and better, Chlid of Many Fates;book 1

Well here it is reborn and lots better{according to my friends at Writer's Ink}
I hope you all enjoy this!!! I would like as much feed back as possible

Thanks - Skyfire

The Child of Many Fates

Book One



It was the darkest night he could ever remember. Standing by the window, in the highest tower of his castle; A tall figure was robed in a darker than night cloak, its crowl left his eyes in foreboding darkness. The figure sighed, curling his slender, white fingers on the window ledge. Something was happening – the fire of it scorched his veins.
Turning away from the hard gaze of the Ash Mountains, the lone figure stared into a stone basin, watching the tar – like liquid spin. He waited, hoping, not daring to breath.
Then finally when he felt he was going to scream, an image of a phoenix appeared. Spread like an eagle, proud, and defiant.
Finally the figure breathed deeply. It was time, after all these years
“Snake tongue come here.” Said the hissing voice of the figure. In the corner of the chamber something shifted. A dark elf, called a Shadow, was dressed like his master, face darkened by the hood.
“Yes Master?”
“The Child has come.”
“The… you mean…?” Snake tongue stuttered.
“Yes. Gather your men, and the other captains. Wait for me by the gate, you know what to do.” The figure said firmly.
The Shadow bowed, “To hear is to obey.” Then he slithered across the floor, and walked out.
The figure turned back to the basin to see the face of a hooded woman, one gleaming eye staring icily at him. Inside the figure shivered, but all the same he said, “Hail Dark Queen! The heir to my enemies is here.”

“Mine has arrived also, our day is come.” She said her voice dark. Then her image was gone, replaced again by the phoenix.
“It certainly has.” The figure said, and began to laugh.

Chapter One


The warm golden sun shone gently down on Fairroren, capital city of fairies.
Arowen smiled, enjoying the sense of happiness the sunshine gave her. She looked behind her toward her sister; A girl of average height, with blue eyes and rosy cheeks, who drug her feet in the grass. “Do you ever slow down?” the girl asked breathlessly.
Arowen chose to ignore this. “Come on Sunrose, or we’ll never get to hear what they say!”
Then she bolted toward the gardens. Sunrose sighed irritated, pushing a strand of red- gold hair back from her face. “You know we’re not supposed to listen on private conversations. Mother is going to kill us!” Sunrose shouted running after her.
Arowen tied up her waist length, wavy, and dark brown hair. Her dark brown eyes scanning the castles northern wall. Then as silently as she could, she climbed up the huge oak in the gardens center. Sunrose came up after her, sitting timidly down on the large branch. “We are in so much trouble.” She hissed. Arowen waved her quiet, her attention was focused on the window before her, people were moving inside the room.
King Rowan, the girls’ father, sat down in a plush chair, rubbing his face with a callused hand. His light brown hair was unusually matted, but what concerned Arowen the most was the worry in those caring eyes.
“Sire.” A long skinny figure, dressed in a rough brown robe, entered the chamber bowing respectfully. King Rowan looked up sharply.
“Sir Alhern you arrived safely I trust?”
Yes, sire I was not followed.” The man bowed again. Rowan nodded his thoughts seeming elsewhere, then he said; “what have thine eyes seen little bird, what has the wind whispered?” Sunrose stiffened, her eyes widened. “Ari,” she said breathed using her sister’s childhood nickname, “That’s one of our spies, they’re rare here!”
Arowen nodded in agreement. In Fairroren, people were afraid to even go beyond their own homes, but there is the occasional fairy who will take the job.
The girls listened with pounding hearts, as Sir Alhern reported, his voice a hissing whisper.
“The Dragons are nowhere to be found, it’s like they slowly vanished! The Dark Queen seems quite enough, but she is only a dormant volcano. Over in Anseithrel, the elves whisper about the Phoenix –“
Rowan’s booming voice cut Alhern off suddenly. “Alhern, is there anything to report other than whispers of legends?”
Alhern looked taken aback, and then he frowned clearing his throat. “I have nothing but a warning sire.”
Rowan’s eyes narrowed.
“I must ask you to keep a close eye on your daughters. The Dark Queen has her eye on them, especially the –“
“Craaack!!” the branch split. Arowen jumped her heart stopping as she saw the ground move beneath her. She wasn’t going to make it, and then suddenly, her feet hit down on a branch.
“Wow Ari, where’d you learn to do that?” said a small, soft, voice. Arowen turned to see Sunrose, in her fairy form, perched on her shoulder. The fairy’s wings were that of a dragonfly’s, shining like pure sliver.
Arowen shrugged, “I don’t know, I just did it on impulse.”
Sunrose smiled, “you’re full of surprises, and you know that?” The girl changed back to regular form, her wings fading into invisibility. Arowen playfully punched her in the arm.

Meanwhile, Rowan and Alhern were down below; their eyes searching the leafy branches. “What was that?” Rowan asked scratching his head.
“It’s a dark spy! It heard everything we said!”
“Oh come now Alhern, I don’t think it’s that serious. You think every thing is a dark spy.” Alhern turned a bight shade of pink. “W- well sire, I must be cautious!”
Rowan nodded. “Yes, but I think I know who it is.”
Arowen took in a sharp breath, how could he possibly know? He hadn’t even seen her!
“Yooou haaad better get dowwwn One Who Speaksss!!!” She heard a whispery voice say. Sunrose laid down flat against the bark, wrapping her arms and legs around it.
The tree was shaking! Feeling slightly queasy she asked, “Ari what’s the tree saying?”
Arowen had climbed trees before, and they had welcomed her gladly, but she had never seen one act like this.
The seven year-old girl gulped, her hands gripped the branch so hard, that her knuckles turned white. The tree could very well kill Sunrose and herself. “Ari!” Sunrose’s voice shouted in her mind. A flash of purple sparks accompanied this. Arowen sat there confused for a moment, where had Sunrose learned that? That had never happened before.
“AROWEN!!!” Sunrose shrieked.
“I think we’d better get down right –“ Arowen didn’t have time to finish as the branch snapped. Sunrose screamed, Arowen felt the air leave her lungs. Branches swiped at the girls’ faces, leaving sting welts. Their tunics and breeches tore without mercy, leaving their arms and legs exposed to the scraping bark.
“Thud!” The two girls hit the ground.
Rowin and Alhern were stunned for a second, then; “Girls! You know that these conversations are not for your ears! Your mother will hear of this.”
Sunrose and Arowen glanced at eachother fearfully. Queen Sapphire the Fifth’s temper was legendary.
“What are you doing in Roan’s clothes again?” Rowan asked, referring to the girls’ third and last eldest brother, “Do you know how many bolts of cloth the royal tailors have gone through repairing his clothes?”
The sisters blushed. “And how many times have I told you? Tunics are for boys!”
“Humph!” Arowen that was anything but fair. Rowan took a breath, “Now go to the hospital wing, get those wounds healed, change your clothes, and get to your lessons, quickly now!” Then Rowan stalked toward the castle, his face flushed.
Alhern, who’d been standing there watching the scene and holding back laughter, now, lost himself. He was bent over clutching his stomach, chuckling and trying to catch his breath. Finally, still laughing, the skinny man wiped tears from his red face.
“Princesses some advice, next time you want to listen into something, find a place less obvious.” Then Alhern walked away. Arowen glared at him behind his back, Sunrose just rolled her eyes. “I told you we’d get caught.”
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