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A couple of hours later I heard the shower running in the bathroom, grandma must have woken up. I fold the later and put in the envelope and than went into the kitchen to get me some hot chocolate. It was terribly cold and I a was afraid my feet might go numb. I sat at the table sipping my hot chocolate by the window.

"Feeling better already," she said.

I hadn't notice her walk in for I was deeply indulged in the scenery outside. If the temperature drops any lower, we might have a chance for snow, but as of now I'm not getting my hopes up. It's still way to early for snow. Infact the weather can't make up its mind about rather it wants to stay in summer, go straight to fall.

"It's pretty cold out there," I finally spoke. I was still swivering alittle but not as bad as when I woke up.

" Yes it is pretty niffy." She went to the stove to put on some bacon and than she started scambling the eggs. It seem so strangely peaceful to me watching her beat the eggs in a clear glass bowl into it look like it could be orange juice instead of raw eggs. Everything seem so homely and comfortable. The smell of the salty bacon fragance the house and left in sitting in traquility as if I was in some kind of fairly land. I suddenly realize how much I had miss grandma and how relaxing visiting her could be. It seems like ages since our last visit even though it was only last weekend.
She brung the plate of bacon and eggs to the table and we started to grab in.
" So how has school life been for you sweetie, your father told me about your little late arrival from a party?"
I try to come up with an answer for this, but I really didn't feel like explaining all the details to her, I starting to enjoy this morning and I didn't want it to ruin by old memories, I'm going to get enough of that when I go back home.
I figured I would go with the usually sho answer.
" Oh, I don't know it was just a mistake made only by being careless and adolescent."

This seemed to satisfied her.

" Oh well don't let it happen again dear, your father was terribly worried."

" I know grandmother, I promise I'll be more responsible," and that was the end of it. We continue to eat in silence and grandma turned the tape player on. It was Greensleeves by Mozart my favorite piece that he has ever done. I than close my eyes and let the melody float within me. Some how it gave me a foreign gypsy feel. I vision I was a wondering gypsy in a busy market place wearing a short black and red sparkle dress that hug me close and flare out right above my knees. I had little symbols in each of my hands ( I don't know what the real name is for them), but I was clattering them around as I danced around in the crowed city swarming with people. I caught everyones attensions even the ones who dispised my mystic power for I capture them with evey step and click of my symbols. They watched in awe for I flowed like the leaves in the wind swinging around each and everyone of them, leaving a trace of my flower scent in there nostile intoxicating them.

"Sid, or you alright there honey."

I didn't even realize the song went off. I must have been daydreaming.

" I fine grandma, no need to worry, I think I'm just going to go lay down."

I start to pick up my dishes and take them to the sink. She stop and send me right back to the couch.
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