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Seithenin sighed, breathing in the salt air of Seradine Cove. The port town lay just off the coast of the Allasdine Sea and, as always, was bustling with sailors and merchants.

Annubi had left Seithenin at the docks while he set out to see if they could get passge on a boat head toward the island. 'Good luck with that one.' Siethenin thought to himself pulling the Encyclipedia of Glenino from his satchel and thumbing back to the passages on Por Im'tal. The pages were starting to crease from his constant opening and closing of the book durring their three day journey to the Cove. He'd read the words over and over yet he still felt there was something he was missing. Form what he had learned, the island was almost deserted. Sailors didn't dare travel within three gildrens* of it for fear of the immortals who lived there.

A fluttering of wings caught Seithenin's attention and he turned to see Bay land beside him on the dock railing. "Hey Bay. How was hunting? Catch any fish?" He took the responding screech for a yes and looked back at his book.

He read the passage twice more before closing the book with a slam that caused Bay to startle in a flurry of feathers. Once the hawk had righted himself, he turned to Seithenin for an explanation utering an indignant "cree!"

"Sorry Bay. I just... God this is so frustrating." He ran his fingers through his short crop of hair. "I know there's something I should be seeing here but I can't figure out what it is. And I'm worried to death about Macit. Who knows what kind of torture those immortals could be putting her through? This is taking to long. At this rate she'll be dead before we get there."

"Don't say that!" Annubi's furious voice desended opon him suddenly. "Don't you ever say that, Thenin! We're gonna get her out of there, got it? Even if we have to die doing it, Macit is coming out of that place alive!"

Seithenin stared at the older boy. He'd seen Annubi angry before but this was something different, something stronger then anger; a passionate fury and determination, a will unlike any other he'd seen in his friend as both Annubi and as Kieth. Seeing him like this was enough to make Seithenin forget his worries, set his jaw, and march into battle.

He nodded.

A moment of silence passed batween them, then... "Did you find someone who would take us to Por Im'tal?"

"No. Seems everyone around here is afraid of the place."

"I couldn've told you that."

"Yeah, shut up. Anyways, I managed to rent a fishing boat it's small but it will get us there."

Seithenin raised his eyebrows then replied, "Sounds great! Just one question: Who's going to sail it?"

"Um... I was kind of hoping you knew how."

"Yeah... right. We grew up together Annubi. You've done everything I've done, more actually seeing as you're older. When would I have learned to sail?"

Annubi opened his mouth to reply only to shut it again when he realized he had no answer. Then he turned to the hawk. "Bay?"

*gildrens- a system of measurment like miles, kilometers, etc...

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