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Publishing Criteria
Editing Marks
Writing Tips
Avoiding Cliches
Show, Don't Tell
Revising Tips
Quotes & Dialog
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Your Online Writers Toolbox

Writers Reference Desk Dictionaries, grammar guides, name & setting resources, and more
Publishing Criteria TeenLit.com's publishing criteria
Editing Marks graphic of standard proofreading marks
Poetry Writing Tips top ten ways to better poems
General Writing Tips the top 4 ways to improve writing
Avoid Cliches the biggest difference between okay and very good writing
Rhyme Is rhyme necessary?
Dialog & Using Quotation Marks rules & examples for using quotation marks, especially within dialog
Confused Words words that are often misspelled for proper usage
Spelling Ode to the Spell Checker
Show, Don't Tell how to really write for your reader
Punctuation how and when to use advanced punctuation marks

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