WWW Research on the Civil Rights Movement

This page was originally developed to help specific students on a specific research assignment.

However, these resources are now available for anyone to utilize for doing Internet research on the Civil Rights Movement.

If you know of any good sources to be added, please email them to the


When using Internet sources:

Consider the source:  Who is the page published by?  An organization or an individual?  If an organization, what is its purpose and belief system?  If an individual publishes what are his or her credentials?  Professor, author, witness, or other expert?  Just because something appears on the Web, doesn't mean it's accurate.

Cite the source:  For every information source you use, record the title(s), author, publisher information, & date.
For WWW pages/sites, record the full URL of the exact page(s) where you got your information and any other information available (like their sources, publisher/supporter, credentials, etc.)

Copying & Plagiarism:  You can copy text (highlight, edit, copy, & paste into your word processor) or image (right-click and save image as), but such writing or images are copyrighted and therefore you can not use them as they are without permission.  If you want to use some exact words from a specific source, then quote it and footnote it to give them credit.


Students in Mrs. K's  Language Arts - If you want to send something (like a web page address, email, an attachment, etc. email it to and you can receive it in class.

Language Arts Project Requirements

due Tuesday, May 23rd

One-page overhead/ handout
with graphics & important information
teach class in 2-4 minute oral presentation


Possible Topics

  • Medgar Evans
  • Maya Angelou
  • Freedom Riders
  • 4 Little Girls
  • Detroit & Newark Riots
  • Black Panthers
  • Desegregation
  • Bus Boycott
  • Rosa Parks
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Emmett Till
  • Dr. King
  • Brown vs. Board of Ed.
  • Malcolm X
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Bayard Rustin
  • Bloody Sunday/Selma
  • Civil Rights Act
  • Protests, sit-ins, marches
  • Kennedy's & JFK
  • White Supremacist Groups
  • Segregation & Jim Crow laws
  • Assassinations & assassins
  • Ghandi
  • Civil War 
  • Rights (1864-1954) 
  • Langston Hughes