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Man Chopping Down A Tree

(dedicated to the victims of the Terrorist Attacks on September 11)

when i see a man chopping down a tree
i want to cry

that tree may have become the home of
wise, noble creatures

now it's going and possibly so many creatures
go with it

it disgusts me
i want to vomit

i must campaign sometime

it shocks me just how humanity
can be so cold-blooded

evil and heartless

may i observe a moment of silence

i want to play "the last post"

and then "reveille"

it's just plain wicked
tearing down people's homes

and work areas

that man deserves
to be punished

i want to be sick

i want to scream

i want to take action
but i cannot


is terrifying

but i am sure
that such wickedness

will not go unpunished

as does George Bush
as he states

"America will Hunt them down
And Punish them"

la peine
the sorrow


12th grader
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
 About the author of Man Chopping Down A Tree: I just plain hope that this poem expresses your grief.  I don't know anyone who was injured in these attacks, but I send my best just the same.
Day of 9-1-1

We were unsuspecting
But we never could've known
What truly did happen
When those dangerous planes were flown

If I could turn back time
At least a day or two
I would call 9-1-1
and say "I need to talk to you."

"I have a feeling flight 11 will soon take a crash
and send the World Trade Center with it
People will die in a flash."

"Please, PLEASE listen,
Don't open the Twin Towers,
The fire of death will burn those souls,
And stay lit for many hours."

"The towers are to crumble down,
if we can't stop that flight,
Those Hi-jackers,
Will make children cry through the night."

Children will be parentless,
that's the least that I can say.
Parents will be childless
because of that tragic day"

"And even though you think I'm joking,
The date of 9-1-1 is a very tragic day
If we could've only stopped them,
beside us those people could stay."

"If you can't stop all flights today,
make sure no one is aboard,
We can save the Pentagon,
And the children, who's parents love they have stored."

But I can't turn back time,
Yes I know its true,
But if you've lost a loved one,
I will pray for you.
10th grader
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
About the author of "Day of 9-1-1". I am a Sophomore in High school. I just recently writing poetry. Um...yea
September Skies

The September skies
Were clear and blue
Was early morning
Overhead a 747 plane flew

Little did we know
That plane was in danger
Hatred was onboard that plane
A heart of stone
A heart of coldness

Then boom the first plane went down
Into the trade center
Making the first large sound

The people inside
Did not stand a chance
There families didn't even get
One last glance
Of their fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers
Their last words were not heard
This incident was absurd
Why the hatred
Why the hunger of destruction
Why innocent people of America

What did we do to deserve this hate
What did we do to make you believe
We were to be destroyed
And never seen again

The children cried
As the second plane went down
Fire was everywhere
You couldn't see anywhere
Would people make it out of there?

Why the lack of love
Screaming family, losing there souls
As there loved one dies without any last words

People ran with nowhere to go
Firefighters rushed the fire to slow
Would they make it out
With many doubts

They died because of their bravery
And the hearts of hatred will die
Because of cowardness

How dare them kill innocent people
How dare them interfere in happy lives
Take away the fathers, husbands, and wives
All good people taken away from their home

Don't teach the cold, dark hearts hatred
Teach them revenge
Show them their own stupidity
But don't be like them and kill innocent loved ones

Yes The September skies will be remembered
As many lives were lost and few regained
As many families were torn apart
As a knife entered their heart

Hatred has got to go
Leave America, leave this world
And leave the hearts of others
9th grader
Sterling, AK
I am 14 years old and after the incident on September 11th i thought i might be able to contribute in some way.

The tears forever engrave my memory with the tragic end
but trust me it will mend

We will stand strong
For it won't be long till we will strike back

Now the Realization and the reality hit

We are a nation who will pull through
and forever be made up of me and you
We will not let some foreign man
come in and pretend like he owns our land
So take one hand
and hold it high in that great blue sky
and see the difference one hand will make
We come together man to man make no mistake
and here we stand
so all I ask is to take that hand
and hold it high
because we will pull through
and we will make this nation anew
9th Grader
Tucson Az, USA
I have chosen to submit this poem in reaction to the tragity that has happened in the US. and to show my feeling on the situation. Thank you for hearing my voice.

9-11 this is the date
Was it really her time 
Was it truly his fate

I received a call from the 101st floor
"Sorry honey, you won't be hearing Daddy's voice anymore"
The towers had been struck
Ill fated luck
Don't say good-bye
This cannot be the end"
Suddenly the tone is my only friend

9-11 this is the date
Was it really her time
Was it truly his fate

Mommy where are you?
I keep calling but "all circuits are busy"
So I "please try again later"
But the answer is still the same
Please be home
Did you call in sick?
Did you go to work?    
Were you in the tower when it crumbled?
Did you jump out of the window because that was your last hope of living?   
Were you trampled by debri?  
Did you think of me?
Mommy, were you one of those who died innocently?

9-11 this is the date
Was it really her time
Was it truly his fate

A State of emergency has been declared
But truly this is more than a nation,
This is a world disfigured
A world scared

9-11 this is the date
Was is really her time
Was is truly his fate
11th Grader
Wellesley, MA, USA
I'm a sixteen year old female from Oakland California who attends boarding school in Mass. I have been writing poetry every since I was 8 years old. I love to write.
The Day America Will Remember 

It happened so quickly, all too fast,
Before people knew it, there was a huge blast.
People were saying "What's going on here?"
When they realized what happened, they trembled with fear.
People were screaming, yelling, and crying.
They had fear and they were scared of dying.
Most of the people went to shelters to look for family and friends,
When they couldn't find them, they thought it was the end.
After I heard all this news, I said "the country who did this is going to pay."
I don't know how, but they will some way.
Those damn terrorists think they're all that.
They will just have to wait 'til we get them back.
They think that they have ruined the whole United States.
But what they have really done is opened the gates.
They think that they are strong because of the attack,
But what do you expect from a country that slacks?
America is waiting, and we are ready to fight,
When we get done, now that will be a sight.
They can attack our country and make us run and "hide",
But the one thing we will never lose is our American pride.
9th grader
Glendale, AZ/ USA
About the author of The Day America Will Remember

My name is Sarah. I love to write. My favorite thing to write is poetry. I have written some short stories, but they are not published on the website...yet.

Destruction, Hatred
Senseless acts of terrorism
Twin Towers, no more
8th grader
Chattanooga, TN
About the author of Terrorism: My name is Brittany. I am 13 years old. I wrote this poem about the terrorist attacks that were made on September 11,2001.This is the way I feel about them.

Calm has set in.
After hours of chaos in this ambiance,
That thunder, formerly so rockingly loud,
Is now a muted murmuring in the distance.

My new peace is no more explainable,
Than the prior violence of vibrations,
That was ripping my heart out by the roots, causing me to be so enraged.
And leaving me to decay in a careless entanglement of steel.
Still feeling lassitude, and unwanted.

Would there be someone to thank?
Even myself, if I somehow caused my own release
I fear only my thoughts now.
These thoughts that erode my mind
Into a timely, if startling serenity.

The planets and stars are so hushed, so calm.
That there seems little reason
For any bit of human stress and strain,
To emulate our silent oblique brothers
Yet, each of our tears fall directly into the crannies we cannot reach,
Along with the bodies of our coterie.

Is there a propulsive feeling here?
One to find peace of soul and mind?
But every world has earthquakes, storms, and seething
It's quiet, beaming benevolence through clear skies
May be a type of horrid adversity that lays quietly askew on our shoulders.

Thank you; silence, from the depth
Of my tumult as well as the pinnacle of my happiness,
And may you permeate my small existence
With a tempered bliss from deeper down than death.

You will be found you quiet enemy.
You will fear as well.
This may be my body's end.
But never my soul's.
8th grader
This poem was written as if from the point of view of one of the people that was trapped inside of the twin towers
The Day of Pain.

  The World Trade Center is gone taking innocent lives with it.
     Reopening all the old wounds of the past.
That one spilt second changed the lives of millions.
So many lives so much pain and so much fear.
So many are lost and they have not yet been found.
So many lives are gone but their souls are still around
waiting to be released from all that debris.
Clouds of dust block the people from getting to those who maybe still alive.
Dust and debris still fall some walls still waiting to crumble.
The victims'  families still holding hope that their loved ones are still alive
Some still hoping it all was just a dream a nightmare but it's all real.
All the pain, the screams and all the fear.
Some crying to have peace from all the pain.
Some trying to regain their composure enough to help the others in pain.
They'll find out who started this and they will end it.
They'll end the terror and they'll end the pain and the fear.
Pray for those who are still lost. Pray for their families.
One day this pain will be over but not one day soon.
September eleventh two thousand and one will always be etched in our minds
as "the day of pain" and the day America was attacked.
The terror in their eyes the pain in our hearts.
Hopefully it will end one day.
God please watch over those who are still alive but lost.
The World Trade Center maybe rebuilt, but we will never forget the day
it went down or the lives that were lost with it on that day.
"The Day of Pain"
10th grader
Blackshear, GA, USA
About the author of The Day of Pain.

I'm 16 years old and I love to write poetry it's my favorite hobby.
I live in Georgia and I live with my grand parents and my older brother
and 2 younger sister. I also love to draw.  and I hope to one day to
write my own book (in the process now) and to illustrate it myself.

I stood their motionless in disbelief
How could so few cause so much grief?

Who would have known, who would have thought?
That today is a day the will not be forgot

The tears of sadness, the tears of fear
It was the worst thing I have seen in all of my years

I stood their watching ready to cry
When one small tear rolled out of my eye

Today stands for sadness
Who would have known?

Today stands for fear,
Who would have thought?

For today is a day that will not be forgot.
9th grader
Somewhere Tomorrow

Somewhere tomorrow
Will hatred end?
Will peace come skipping around the bend?
Or will we have to keep our fear,
Dreading what might happen
Year after year?
Will our county be attacked?
Oh, What a horrible thought!
But now it's reality
It's where we got caught.
But we cant give up
No, we cant let them win
We're smarter than them
As sharp as a pin!!!
So hold your flag up high
And show that you care
'Cause we're patriotic and here, That's not rare!!!
8th grader
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
About the author of Somewhere Tomorrow.
I'm 13 years old and I love to write poetry. I'm in the 8th grade and I have a lot of friends who encourage me more and more to write. I hope to become a journalist, as my future profession.
The Reason We All Should Still Care
(On 9/11 Terrorist Attack)

"Where is everyone?" A country cries,
and the lone mother "where's my son?"
I cant find them here, and no one knows where,
 the searching  yet should be begun.

The fireman is lost, his life was the cost,
 for the brave way he cared for forfeited souls.
and many a table in many a town,
has been set with too many bowls.

The puppy asks why, the young boy does cry,
 and by the way where is his mum?
Will yet it stop here? Must we live on in fear?
 Or has this atrocity been done?

Life was so easy, when the morning began,
why must it now be hard to stand?
We cant bear to see her, this country so great,
hiding her head in the sand.

America for me, this country will be,
as always, the best kind of land.
there's never been a more cause-worthy reason,
to show love for the fellow of man

Think not on the few that have caused this askew,
but the millions who stood, and held hands.
Its a sword cast in glory,  and sharpened with truth;
that defends the honor, of Americas youth.
Farmington, Maine
I hope this poem helps you cope with what has happened.
Writing it certainly helped me figure out my feelings towards it all. I hope you will stand with me.
A Day Of Tragedy

It takes a tragedy of enormous proportions to unite the people of America.
September 11, 2001 will always be remembered as such a day. Two planes
crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and another into the
wilderness of Pennsylvania. When I heard the news I was in shock. I couldn't
believe our freedom, our America, had been attacked by terrorists. I realized the
moment the attack occurred, all Americans banded together in the hope of
providing aid to the victims.
When looking back on that horrific day I can vividly recall the exact
events. It shook my entire existence, as well as the nations.
I was on my way to school when I saw a bright red light come from the
television room. The door had been open just enough to see that an explosion
had taken place. I thought nothing of the explosion, perceiving my brother was
watching a movie and continued on with my normal routine.
When I arrived at school I walked over to my friends. This was the
moment I first found out about the terrorist attack. One of my friends said, "Do
you know what happened?" I reluctantly answered, "No. What are you talking
about?" The catastrophic event was explained to me. Every word that came from
his mouth seemed surreal. I assumed he was exaggerating, and I thought to
myself, "This could never happen to our great nation; our United States of
Skeptical and unbelieving, I entered my first period class. I glanced up and
noticed the ABC news anchor. I thought to myself, "Isn't it early to have the
news on?" I soon came to the horrible realization that the event had taken place.
There was now no doubt that my friend had been telling the truth.
I was in total disbelief. My teacher starred intently at the television. I
became deeply saddened. It was a feeling of helplessness. What could I do to
heal the pain of these people? The tragedy had struck something deep down in
my soul, that I had never experienced. It was as though all of my hopes and
dreams perished with those in the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I knew the
world would go on, but I would always have a part of myself missing, an
innocence that had died along with all those people.
As the day progressed I continued to view the news in all of my classes.
The news worsened, but I still couldn't fathom the magnitude of the day. By the
end of school, both towers of the World Trade Center had collapsed leaving a
mushroom cloud over New York City. In addition, there were many bodies which
were still unaccounted for.
I didn't realize how earth shattering this attack on the United States was
until I heard the account of a boy who had died. This young man was no older
than I. He was on the plane headed toward Los Angeles from Boston. In his last
moments on earth the boy called his mother. He expressed his love for her then
said he had to help stop the terrorists. The plane eventually crashed in
Pennsylvania, but avoided any historical land marks. The young man died a hero.
As we came to hear that he lived his life in very much the same manner.
When I heard his story it electrified a nerve in my body. These faceless
terrorists had taken the life of an innocent boy and many other civilians. The
moment I realized a boy very close to my age had died from these attacks I
viewed life in an entirely different perspective. I could have been this person. My
mother might never see me again. I would be gone forever. When I think of
myself in the boy's situation, I don't believe I could have been as heroic as the
young man. He had given his life to save many other civilians. His courage was
unmatched. I couldn't stay sheltered any longer; this boy's story proved to me
that terrorism affects all people. 
After hearing the accounts of the boy who died in Pennsylvania I took a
long hard look at life. I now realize how precious life truly is. One minute you
are aboard an airplane headed to Los Angles, the next terrorists are hijacking the
aircraft. Life is short, and I have learned that no one on earth knows how much
time they have been allotted. All we can do is live life to the fullest, and not
give too much credence to when your time is finished.
It is extremely unfortunate that many innocent people had to die in order
for Americans, as well as myself, to awaken to the fact that life is unpredictable.
I could have never fathomed the idea of terrorists destroying America. Nearly two
weeks have passed, and I am still stricken with anger and grief for those who
committed these atrocities. I continually think of that boy and his family. The
emotions his mother must feel overwhelm me. My heart-felt condolences go to his
mother, and I believe he is smiling down on his family members reassuring their
spirits that he saved many people through his self sacrifice.
I find talking about the event extremely difficult. I am filled with a sense
of hopelessness and many questions unanswered. It's as though the past two
weeks have been a blur. I feel the world moving on at an incredible pace but I
remain frozen in time. Ten years from now I will still feel emotions of anger,
shock, and hopelessness. The young man is now a national hero. When I look
back on this tragedy my first thought will be of him, and the others like him on
that fateful flight.
The attack on America has changed my life in two distinct ways. I value
my life much more earnestly then before. I take nothing for granted, and I enjoy
the time I have with my family and friends, knowing they won't always be here.
Secondly, I have grown more patriotic to my country then before. If a young
man believes in his country enough to die for it's honor then I can truly feel
proud to be a part of the United States of America. The widespread unity has
truly made me proud to be an American. Every patriotic song, and American flag
will forever symbolize that day of tragedy and our inherited right of freedom.
The freedom to maintain our strength and unity in America and to preserve and
overcome all obstacles. God bless our beautiful country!
11th grader
Tucson, Arizona, United States
I am a teenager who enjoys playing basketball, and volleyball. Just recently I became interested in writing seriously and this memoir is one of my first completed pieces of writing.
Silence in September

Silence spoke louder than noise
Louder than the crash
Or the cheering of forbidden nations.
Silence for the wounded,
For the witnessed,
For the dead.
Silence spoke loud and clear
America's tears
Wept into a river,
An ocean
That separates us from evil.
10th grader
Westlake, Ohio, USA
About the author of "Silence in September"
Erin is in 10th grade and enjoys playing tennis and softball. She also enjoys swimming, writing poetry and absolutely adores acting.
Is This What Man Has Created?

Wake up in the morning
thinking it's just another day
Funny how life won't
Ever let it go that way.

First thing that I hear
Is more stories of despair
Pain, hurt and anger
And more people living in fear.

What happened to their dreams?
And what happened to their goals?
Where has life gone
And what has happened to control?

Can't a man look at another
Without being violent?
Can't we express free speech
Instead of being silent?

We look around our world
And see victims of abuse
But ignore and walk away
Because we know it is the truth.

A man can draw a gun
Kill and walk away
No one cares no more
It's just another day.

But this here is our world
And we are its creators
So why have we been ignorant
And bred a race of haters?

Look at all our people
Are we really good at heart?
Violence, war and rascism
Has torn our world apart.

We should learn from our mistakes
New generations better than the last
But it seems we just forget
What's been taught in the past.

My wish is to wake up
And not hear murder on the news
But equalism and world peace
Between Negros, Asians and Jews.

We are human bombs
Just waiting to kill another
We don't care no more
Even though it is mans' brother.

It takes a manmade tragedy
To bring nations together
Then out to kill the enemy
They further to endeavor.

War is like mass murder
And suicide for those who fight
Is this the resolution
To prove your opinions right?

One can kill a thousand men
And be worshipped for what he's done
But did he ever stop to think
Each man was a mothers' son?

But take a look around
Each race by another is hated
Is this how life should be?
Is this what man has created?
10th grader
New Zealand
About the author of Is This What Man Has Created?
Hi my names Ashley and I'm a 15 year old female who lives in New Zealand.  I;ve been writing for about 3 or 4 years now.  This poem is about war and sort of about what has happened in America with the World Trade Centre bombings.

   The youth of America have fought a battle against alcohol abuse for generations. The September 11th attacks have put a stumbling stone in the path of my generation's battle. Underage alcohol use was a severe problem before the trauma of September 11. Now, massive numbers of youth are looking to escape reality. It is important that the young people are educated on alcohol abuse, that they have support groups, and that their parents take time to be with them. This will help the young people of today to say no to drinking.
Some people feel that youth drinking isn't a big deal. They feel that if the kids want to have fun and forget some of their worries it's not their place to stop them. This is a dangerous way of thinking. These adults are giving their youth access to a "weapon" without thinking of the consequences. According to the MADD web page the top three causes of death in 1999 for fifteen to twenty year olds were automobile crashes, homicides, and suicide. Alcohol was sighted as "a leading factor in all three". Twenty three percent of youth auto fatalities in 1999 were alcohol related. (MADD) The reality and severity of underage drinking related deaths should be taken seriously. This is just one of many reasons not to support any underage drinking.
Support groups are a great way of stifling the peer pressure to drink. If youths see that there are many others who don't drink, they are less likely to feel pressure to be part of the crowd and drink. Education and parental intervention can also reduce the likelihood that youths will drink. When youths understand the consequences of underage drinking they are less likely to do it. Also, if they are receiving support from their families they are less likely to feel over whelmed and will put less importance on the social acceptance of their drinking peer groups.
The youth of America want to have a break from the turmoil that has been running through their veins for over a month. Give them alternatives to mood altering substances. Take them to a movie, talk to them, play a game, take a run with them. Giving your attention and support will lessen the youth's feeling of being alone. The activities will help them to gain some form of normalacy and will make them feel less of a need to escape to a more peaceful place. 
Say something uplifting to your children today. Take time with them and really make sure they are coping with the tragic events of the last few months. Tell them about alcohol use and it's consequences. If you don't take the time, the lure of alcohol may be even stronger than usual. Being there for the youths in your life is the ramp over the stumbling stone of September 11.
12th grader
New York, USA
About the author of "Think" Hi, thanks for reading my essay. I just wanted to try to be a positive influence in this exceedingly negative time. Keep creating! :)
It took a moment

                  It took lives
                  A bright sunny morning
                  Not a cloud in the sky

                  People swarmed the streets
                  like bees in a hive
                  Nothing can go wrong
                  We were the best
                  The wind cried the smiling sun

                  But unseen storm clouds
                  rolled onto the horizon
                  to bring a crash of thunder
                  a plane hit tower #1

                  shattering hopes, dreams, fears
                  Families, lives, fathers, mothers,
                  brothers, sisters, sons and daughters
                  in a single moment,
                  a moment of our lives

                  it broke our world into pieces
                  and brought us to our knees
                  and sent tears to our eyes
                  as we watched in careful safety
                  in horror.

                  a second plane!
                  no accident was
                  this but an act of war.

                  To shatter a moment
                  to shatter dreams
                  to shatter lives
                  to shatter families
                  to shatter a world so perfect
                  to my eyes.

                  Children cry
                  Widows wonder and sob
                  widowers know and shudder

                  Shame was brought upon
                  our world so sweet
                  why some cried why
                  Its more like can
                  lives end so quickly
                  in such a moment

                  is this what life's about
                  it took a moment to bring
                  us to our knees
                  and raise us, chin up, shoulder back
                  prouder than ever before

                  It took a moment
                 It took lives
                  it left memories of terror
                  It left pride, hope and
                  the American flag.
9th grader
Kennett Square, PA, USA
About the author of It Took A Moment (Reflection on Sept. 11th)

Hi! I'm Katie, I'm a freshman in High School and have been writing poetry and stories for as long as I can remember.  I love this poem and its one of my favorites (maybe not the best, but a favorite.)  I wrote it in 4th period study hall while I watched live on TV the terroristic attacks on America.  My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
September 11th

Do not move,
Don't make a sound,
Fear surges all around.
Five men with guns go under cover, and the fear of the passengers still does hover.
The pilots gone, given his grave.
I fear it will all end on this fateful day.
Calling loved ones to say goodbye; For this planes time is beginning to fly.
A couple of passengers filled with strength and pride, for their country, are ready to die!
So as the plane speeds up and then dives, we shall remember all the lives.
Here we go,
She's going down,
Oh-My God here comes the ground!
*Please don't cry because we've died just be happy to know that for you, we've shown our pride!*

9th grader
New Baltimore, MI  USA
My name is Crystal,
I am 15 years old.
I attend Anchor Bay Middle School.
I love to write and read all the same.
Writing to me is like speaking a second language.
I have One brother and three sisters.
I have a boyfriend and I am a Huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe,
Even though you would never guess it through my writings.
But that is pretty much all i have to say about myself, you can judge for yourself what you think about my writings!
Twin Towers

There used to be a really big tower there.

Two of them.

You didn't know that did you?

Course not.

No one talks about them anymore.

Old times ?

Who cares about them?

Everything is now now now,

These days.

But yes ?

The towers.

When you stood at the very top

You could see the whole city

You see this picture here?

That's what they looked like

Like two giants in a city full of dwarves

Everyone knew this picture

Back in my day

You saw this and said
"Oh yeah.  That's New York City."

Center of the free world.

And those two towers were its guards;

Always standing, watching over the city.

You know,

In my day,

We never had to strip at airports

Things like

Pocket knives and box cutters

Could be taken on board without a word

And pilots had no armor - can you believe that?

No one cared.

They thought they were safe.

Oh my world was a different world...

It was a world full of lovely illusions.




But then the towers came down,

And with them went my world.

10th grader
Haworth, NJ, USA
Dana loves to write and share her writing.  She's execeptionally happy that you've taken the time to read her poem.
Flight 93

Distant side-roads. My meaningless pain. Unstoppable. Our troubles insurmountable. The open road fades with the horizon. That day in fall when we met. The silence shouted towards me. People brought this. That's me, standing here. Endless.

So tiny. So small. In the sky. So important. Falling. Ending. But we saved hundreds, millions from anarchy, the unthinkable. Time stood still. We did it for us. For our country. The history of revolution, of freedom. The worst we have ever known. Yet we saved our spirit.

Mountains stretched over the horizon. Peaks of glory and wonder. They must have been amazed. Sometime ago, someone jumped. 93 years ago. Everything seems so little. These unspoken dreams. Years apart. Come together in this one moment. We will save each other. Die trying. Poetry in motion.

Psychotic. How many? Do you know why? Well, we'll stop this one. Let's roll. Thunder in Pennsylvania. The sentiment of love. What were they thinking. Drastic measures. It's dark. Are you kidding? He speaks truth, dispels fear. We are here for the revolution. To destroy you. Stay calm, this is your pilot, we are diverting elsewhere. We didn't believe. This will not be. Sudden skyward birds falling, fumbling, tumbling to the ground. Here we lay. Visit each year.

It's hard to get away. We will never obey.

Short for my life. Short for my soul. Long live freedom.

Calgary, Canada

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