Volunteering at TeenLit

Why become a TeenLit volunteer? What are the requirements of being a TeenLit volunteer?

TeenLit Volunteer Job List

Why become a TeenLit volunteer?

What are the requirements of being a TeenLit volunteer?

After applying via the online form, you will be notified, if that position is open, where to obtain the following documents and instructions, to be completed by you and sent to a snail mail address before you'll be given your title and access:

TeenLit Volunteer Job List

Job Title Responsibilities Name and Email
Open for Application
Teen Book Review Editor Recieve books & applications from book reviewers, update books available for review, send emails & books to reviewers, receive & forward reviews for posting. Katie R.
Maillist Clerk Temporary position.  Expand archived Outlook file.  Cut & paste emails into comma divided .txt file to be forwarded to webmaster. Open for Application
TeenLit Editorial Board
(8-10 needed)
eWeb encouraged
Review submissions weekly, make monthly recommendations to publish nearly 50% of about 80-100 submissions  to be published by webmaster& offer kindly worded advice where possible on others, to be forwarded to rejected authors to be forwarded by webmaster Open for Application
Links Manager Cool Teen Links:  Examine & approve/disapprove & add links, check & update broken inappropriate links, ask for reciprocal links Open for Application
Forum Supervisor Oversee forum.  Keep database of removal of:  old, inappropriate, advertising, personal, off-topic, redundant, or other "off" entries Open for Application
Graphic Designers Re-design theme, page(s), or add individual graphics as needed or wanted. Open for Application
Marketing Team Add appropriate, selective affiliates/resellers.  Select sellable TeenLit-related products. Open for Application
Grants Committee Seek out & apply, in coordination with webmaster, grant monies to support site maintenance, upkeep work, supplies, and awards. Open for Application
Other??? ??? Open for Application

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email "".