Process Writing

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PREWRITING Generating ideas

Deciding purpose and audience

Getting ideas by: brainstorming, clustering, mapping, outlining, reading, thinking, freewriting, jotting, discussing, researching, journal, trying, discovering, etc.

DRAFTING Putting ideas down into form

Use the form needed for purpose and audience

Fluency (not perfection) is most important here

"Working Copy"

In pencil and written on every other line

The "rough" draft should never be graded

CONFERENCING Getting Reader Feedback

(EDITING) Giving Reader Feedback

REVISING Rethinking and rewriting

Concentrate on content, not mechanics

Shorten, lengthen, add, delete, correct, rearrange, develop, substitute, combine, etc.

Working the ideas out to say what you mean and mean what you say

Get reader's input, feedback, reactions, responses, and opinions

The writer makes all changes and decisions

This is the place to teach mini-lessons on focus corrections and then edit for them

PROOFREADING Finding mistakes and fixing them

Making it perfect and publishable

Correct mechanics (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentences, paragraphs, agreement, word usage, focus corrections, etc.)


Final copy should be as perfect as possible

Neat, ink, every line, one side of paper

Grade only on focus corrections and taught emphasis areas

Correct in pencil, non-red, or on another sheet

PUBLISHING Sharing writing with audience

Going public and getting your finished writing read


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