Perspectives: Relevant Scenes for Teens

by Mary Krell-Oishi, Ted Zapel (Editor), Theodore O. Zapel (Editor)
ISBN: 1566080304

Center Stage : One-Act Plays for Teenage Readers and Actors

by Donald R. Gallo (Editor)

ISBN: 0064470784

Encore : More Winning Monologs for Young Actors : 63 More Honest-To-Life Monologs for Teenage Boys and Girls

by Peg. Kehret, Arthur L. Zapel (Editor)

ISBN: 0916260542
Sixteen Short Plays for Young Actors
by Christopher Naylor

ISBN: 084425133X

Acting It Out: 74 Short Plays for Starting Discussions With Teenagers

by Joan Sturkie, Marsh Cassady, Marsh Cassidy
ISBN: 0893901784
Short Plays for Young Actors (Young Actors Series)
by Craig Slaight (Editor), Jack Sharrar (Editor)
ISBN: 1880399741
Scenes That Happen : Dramatized Snapshots About the Real Life of High Schoolers
by Mary Krell-Oishi
ISBN: 0916260798
More Scenes That Happen
by Mary Krell-Oishi, Theodore O. Zapel (Editor)
ISBN: 1566080002
Playing Scenes from Classic Literature : Short Dramatizations of the World's Most Famous Literature
by Joellen Bland (Editor)
ISBN: 156608024X
Get in the Act! : 60 Monologs, Dialogs and Skits for Teens
by Shirley Ullom, Arthur L. Zapel (Editor)

ISBN: 156608007X
Acting Natural: Monologs, Dialogs, and Playlets for Teens
by Peg Kehret, Arthur L. Zapel (Editor)

ISBN: 0916260844
Humorous Plays for Teen-Agers
by Christina Hamlett

ISBN: 0823802760
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