TeenLit Book Reviews

October 2000

Where the Action Was: Women War Correspondents in World War II

Penny Colman

This book chronicles the women who reported news live as it ocurred during World War II. Before the United States entered the war, women were permitted to report on all aspects of the war. After 1941, women had to be approved by the U.S. military and were assigned a rank within the Armed Services. This was not easily gotten, in fact it was incredibly difficult. Individual women are depicted here with photographs. Colman starts at the beginning of the 1930s and proceeds through to the end of the war - as it was for the correspondents. This book is not only very interesting and very well-written, but exposes most of us to an area of knowledge previously unexplored and unknown. It is exciting. I would only wish that all of the women named could have been been put together with their photo in order to easily match a face with the reporter been talked about.
Reviewed by Katrina. Grade: ----- in Jaffrey, - Link directly to entry