TeenLit Book Reviews

October 2000

The Wave

Todd Strasser

The Wave by Todd Strasser is a true story about the students of Gordon High who become participants in a experiment that goes too far. Ben Ross, their teacher as well as the wave’s leader, has no idea how far his “little experiment” has gone. All Ben wanted to do is show his senior history class why Adolf Hitler had so much power. The experiment gets out of hand when the wave goes from his class to the whole school and the students that don’t want to join are harassed. “She really was blowing it out of proportion, wasn’t she? It really was just a fad, wasn’t it?” Laurie Saunders has just realized that the wave isn’t that good. Soon after, David Collins realizes the same. Can they stop the wave before it goes to far? The author of this book put it together wonderfully! He explains with such ease and the ending comes together so well. If you enjoy reading true stories or are just looking for a good book, then go to the library and get a copy of The Wave.
Reviewed by Liz. Grade: 7th Grade in Worthington, - Link directly to entry