TeenLit Book Reviews

October 2000

The Quigley’s

Simon Mason

The Quigley’s by Simon Mason is a story about atypical family and all the crazy memories they have acquired throughout the years. I would rate this book a two on a scale of four mostly because it isn’t targeted at my age group. It is an easy read and I would recommend it to older elementary aged children. The book focuses around the Quigley family, Mum, Dad, Lucy, and Will. The book is divided into four sections in which each family member shares a specific memory dealing with themselves and how the family reacts. Dad tells of a crazy babysitting mishap with the potential to end very badly, Mom shares a special birthday memory, Lucy reveals her bridesmaid dilemma, and Will tells of his best Christmas. All of the stories leave the reader in suspense until the very end, but my personal favorite was Lucy’s. This book shows the strong bonds of healthy families and the ability they have to work together and compromise. You’ll be able to relate it to family memories of your own. The downfall of the book is that it was more a collection of short stories pieced together to make a larger story and never really concluded with an actual message or point. If you’re looking for an easy read this book is it, but I personally needed more substance in a book.
Reviewed by Amanda. Grade: ----- in Fort Wayne, - Link directly to entry
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