TeenLit Book Reviews

October 2000

Stoner and Spaz

Ron Koertge

I would rate this book as a 3. Ben is your average 16 yr. old whose parents are dead, lives with his grandmother, and has cerebral palsy. Normal right? Absolutely! Expecially compared to Colleen, a girl who is completly strung out on drugs and doesn't have many trustworthy friends. But these two find something in eachother they never thought they would - someone who sees them for who they really are. I really liked this book because it delt with many issues many teens face, such as drugs, embarrassment, and peer preasure. I liked how it was told from a guys point of view. I haven't read many books that are like that.
Reviewed by Hailey. Grade: ----- in Fremont, - Link directly to entry
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