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October 2000

Princess in Love

Meg Cabot

This is the third book in the Princess Diaries series rated on a scale of 1 - 4 , 4 being the best, I rate this book a 4. This book is great for pre-highschoolers and highschoolers and who ever is reading the series or just needs a funny book to read. In Meg Cabot’s 3rd book, Princess Mia is getting ready to leave for Genovia to be presented to her people that she will one day rule. She is stuck in a situation where she secretly is in love with her best friends brother, Michael, but is going out with another Guy. This book is hilariously funny and has a great ending, but keeps you guessing up till the end. Anyone who hasn’t already read any of the Princess Diary books could pick up the 3rd book and start reading it, because Meg Cabot’s style of writing informs the reader of what has previously happened in a stuble and un- annoying way. Enjoy Meg Cabot’s newest book Princess in Love!!!
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