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January 2007

Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller's contemporary novel with an interesting (and possibly paranormal) twist, Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn, is certainly worth reading. A mystery girl (could it be the gorgeous Pilar? the plain but charming Molly? or someone else entirely?) has somehow found her way into Gideon's mind, and she is the narrator of the story of Gideon's first few months at Midvale Academy, a prep school where he feels he simply does not belong. Teenage girls will definitely enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at what goes on inside a guy's mind! If this were just a story about a guy going to prep school, it would be missing the charm that the novel posesses. Giving the narrator access to Gideon's every thought adds another level to this story! I'm not certain that the mystery element (only the last page reveals who this girl with an all-access pass to the mind of Gideon Rayburn actually is) adds to the book, but it doesn't make it any worse, either. This mystery girl watches Gideon's every move (through his perspective) as he finds his way through Midvale Academy, dealing with his new roommates and other students around him. This mystery girl even watches as he tries to win a bet with Nicholas and Cullen, his two roommates, who make a bet on when (if ever) he'll lose his virginity--to Molly McGarry. This is an awesome novel--I'd rate it four out offour-- and I for one cannot wait to read more from Sarah Miller!
Reviewed by Jocelyn. Grade: ----- in North Carolina, - Link directly to entry
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