TeenLit Book Reviews

May 2007

Follow the Blue

Brigid Lowry

This book I've read was amazing that I would give it a 4. I think anyone should read this book from 12 or 13 years and up. Females and males are welcome to read this book,but I guess boys aren't really going to be interested. There is a girl named Bec that goes probably to 8th or 10th grade because she goes to school on a higher level. She has two siblings, which are Bing(a little girl) and a boy who's intelligent named Josh. The setting is mostly at their home and school. The main conflict is that Bec wants to decided if she should be with a boy named Steve or a boy named Nick. Some strengths of this book is that is was very interestesting and it had great desciptions of the characters and places. I would like to read more books that aresort of like this or romance books too.
Reviewed by Bereniz . Grade: ----- in Palo Alto, CA, - Link directly to entry