TeenLit Book Reviews

June 2006

Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood

Ann Brashares

The book I read from TeenLit was Girls In Pants:The Third Summer Of The Sister Hood, by Ann brashares. This book is fiction and I woud say that girls from the ages of 12- 16 should read this book. Girls In Pants is about 3 teenage girs who are best friends. These three girls are graduating high school and are spending their last summer together. All three girls have their own problems and now have one more; having to separate for the frist time, each going to a different college. I would rate this book a 3- it is confusing at times with so many main chracters and all, but this book had a good plot and the characters brought life to the story. In my opinion wasn't a great book but it was an alright book, but a good read if you're looking to relax.
Reviewed by Margarita. Grade: ----- in Palo Alto, CA, - Link directly to entry