TeenLit Book Reviews

May 2006


Carl Hiaasen

Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen is a story about the tumultuous life of Roy Eberhardt. Moving from the mountains of Montana to the suburbs of Florida was the worst thing that could have happened to Roy Eberhardt, or so he thought. Heloved living in the mountains of Bozeman and everyday was a new adventure. When his dad was transferred to Florida, Roy was devastated. He couldn't imagine how there could be any excitement in the suburbs of Florida. His theories were soon proved wrong when he got caught up with some friends in an attempt to save baby owls. Their hilarious pranks and tricks intended to scare off the land-owners keep you laughing the whole time. I recommend Hoot to anybody who is looking for a fun, upbeat adventure. I would rate this book a 4 (with 4 being the best) for anyone looking for a good read, just in in time for summer.
Reviewed by Zach. Grade: ----- in Littleton, CO, - Link directly to entry