TeenLit Book Reviews

March 2006

Lyra’s Oxford

Philip Pullman

‘Lyra’s Oxford’ would be best for young people ages 12 and up. In Pullman's short novel, the main characters are; Lyra Silvertongue and her daemon, Pantalaimon. The setting (of course) is in Oxford, England. A witch’s daemon is sent to find a supposedly insane alchemist. However, the witch’s daemon isn’t used to cities, so it enlists Lyra’s and Pantalaimon’s help. One of the weaknesses’ is that to understand it fully, you have to have read Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. In addition, the other (to me) is that it is only fifty pages long. Its strength is that even though it is short, you can tell it is Pullman’s work, due to his distinctive, creative style and themes. He writes stories that should be digested thoroughly, instead of devoured.I like that it has a map of Oxford, and some pictures.
Reviewed by Kirsten S.. Grade: ----- in Gibsonburg, Ohio, US, - Link directly to entry