TeenLit Book Reviews

February 2005

Trickster’s Choice

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Risika is one of those who few vampires who homans see in her true form, or at least not outside of the shadows of the night. She is a vampire and has been for about three hundred years. At one time she went by the name of Rachel, but that person has long been gone, pushed away by the need to survive. Risika is still not at peace with who she is and the others of her kind. Only through facing the truth can she find what she is looking for. In the Forests of the Night is another of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ great fiction stories that introduces the reader to the mystical world of vampires. Just as with her previous books, Amelia has managed to create a great story with wonderful description and plot. On a scale of one to four (four being the best) I would place this at 3.75. It is an easy read, appropriate for teens ages 13 to 16, and would appeal to anyone who enjoys the world of fantasy writing. Kelly S., Parker CO, USA
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