Due for Last Class on Wednesday, April 25th or Thursday, April 26th

Reflection on teaching literacy unit (section 4)
(no field assignment in section 5)
IRI Assessments w/ summary & reflection (section 6)
Field notes, summary & reflection on shadowing a special needs student (section 7)
Summary & reflection on teaching a content reading lesson (section 8)
Summary & reflection on a student writing sample, teaching a writing mini-lesson & conference (section 9)
- Inquiry Project
Final Paper (see rubric)
1-page handouts on Inquiry Project for everyone in class (31 Wednesday, 33 Thursday)
- Book to Pass
One or more books to share (you'll get it back) as suggested reading for classmates. The book(s) may be children's books, professional books, or just good grown-up reading.

Click here for the Inquiry Project Rubric 

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