MSU TE 802

Name email district school grade
Intern Mailing LIst  
Marcella Berkley Berkley High School 9 & 11
Lisa Pontiac Lebaron Elementary 3
Desha   (attatchments)  Southfield MacArthur elementary 3-4-5(multiage)
Pontiac Schools LeBaron Elementary K/1 Multi-age classroom
Kaity Southfield MacArthur Elementary School 3
Heather  Walled Lake District Maple Elementary 5
Sarah Southfield Vandenberg Elementary 1/2 multi-age
Christina Walled Lake Walled Lake Elementary K
Bethany   Walled Lake Schools Meadowbrook Elementary 3
Emily   Walled Lake Walled Lake Elementary School 2
Sara   Walled Lake Maple Elementary 5
Hazel Park Webster Elementary 5
Carley   Walled Lake Walled Lake Elementary 5
Matthew   Walled Lake Schools Meadowbrook Elementary 4
Robin   Southfield Vandenberg K
Carly   Walled Lake Walled Lake El. K
Danielle    Hazel Park Webster Elem. 3
Jillian   Waterford, Jayno Adams Elementary K
Hazel Park Webster Elementary 2
Carrie   Pontiac Kennedy (Alcott) K
Cristy   Pontiac School District Whitman Elementary 1
Rochelle   Hazel Park Webster 2
Stephanie   Pontiac Whitman Elementary 4
Kristin   Pontiac Walt Whitman Elementary School K
Emily   Waterford School District Waterford Village 1
David   Walled Lake Walled Lake EL. 3
Carrie   Hazel Park Webster Elementary School 3
Angela   Waterford Jayno Adams Elementary 2
Hazel Park Webster Elementary 5
Colleen   Mt.Clemens School District Seminole Elementary School 2
Lisa or   Waterford School district Waterford Village Elementary 5
Anne   Pontiac LeBaron 5
Waterford School District Jayno Adams Elementary 2
Katie   Waterford Jayno Adams 5
P.J.   Southfield Schools Vandenburg Elementary 2
Renee   Pontiac School District Walt Whitman 3
Jennifer   Hazel Park Webster Elementary 4
Meribeth   Hazel Park 4
Colleen   Southfield Vandenberg Elementary 1-2 multiage
Brian   Southfield Vandenburg Extended Year Elementary School 4
Christina   Southfield Vandenberg Elementary 1-2 Multiage
Samara   Pontiac Alcott Elementary School 2nd-3rd split-grade
Mt. Clemens School District Washington School
Amy   Webster


Hazel Park K
Heidi   Walled Lake Meadowbrook Elementary 4
Beth   Pontiac Alcott/Kennedy K
Andrea   Walled Lake School District Maple Elementary  3
Monica   Pontiac Lebaron 3
Jennifer   Southfield Vandenberg 1
Kristin   Pontiac School District LeBaron 4
Katherine   Walled Lake Meadowbrook Elementary 5
Beth   Pontiac Lebaron elementary school 1
Kristen   Pontiac LeBaron Elementary 5
Jennifer   Pontiac School District Alcott Elementary 4
Danielle   Oakland School District Waterford Village Elementary  1
Sara   Pontiac Alcott Elementary 3
Melissa   Pontiac LeBaron Elementary 2
Nancy   Southfield Public Schools MacArthur Elementary 3, 4, 5 Multiage

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