Purposes & Audiences

Authentic = in context of teaching & learning, performance-based, multi-dimensional


Record Keeping - anecdotal records, checklists, rubrics, conferences & interviews, retelling, reading record

Portfolio = collection of student work over time

Working, showcase, or record keeping

Consider purpose, audience, & control


IRI, Reading Miscue Inventory (RMI), Running Record

Criterion-referenced tests - testing a certain skill, knowledge, ability

Ability vs. Aptitude testing vs. IQ

Standardized tests = objective, formal, timed, cost-efficient, widely applicable, multiple choice, literal comprehension, isolated skills

Norm-referenced tests = compared to large group of peers

Grade equivalents, percentile ranks, stanines (9=total, 5 = middle)

What are these tests really measuring?  Are they fair?  How are they being used?

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