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Default child of many fates/bookonw

Chapter Two

Arowen came out of the hospital wing, with hardly any trace of her injuries. The Head Healer, Rosethorn, had given her quite a scolding. “Don’t know what you were thinkin! Pure idiocy! Could have broken yer neck! No sense of ruinin that pretty snow white skin o’ yours!” the healer had thrown up her hands. “That kind of skin is rare here; better take good care of it.” The woman had given Arowen fierce look, the long scar, stretching from her temple to her chin, rippling as she spoke. She could have easily healed it, but she had preferred to keep it as a trophy, from the time she had defended the castle from a band of Shadows. The nurse waved Arowen away, “Get going yer missin yer lessons!”
The girl strode down the hall toward her chambers, hoping her maids wouldn’t catch her, but just as she reached the door, someone grabbed her arm and swung her around.
A tall and ferocious looking maid, with blond hair glared at Arowen. “Lazara!”
“That’s right you troublemaker, always disappearing on us. Sunrose would never do this!!!”
“So much for not getting caught.” Arowen thought dully. Lazara, as Head Maid signaled the others to follow behind her, forcing Arowen through several corridors.
Finally as Arowen felt her wrist go numb, they reached the bathing chambers.
Poor Arowen was thrust into a luke- warm bath, and roughly washed. Lazara, who muttered to herself the whole time, scrubbed the girl’s hair so much her head was sore for a week. She started to protest, when they began to dress her. “I can really do this myself!”
“Stand still, I have no time for your complaints!” Arowen sighed her mouth forming a tight line.
Then, after what seemed like ages of pulling and yanking, the maids had put her hair in a half bun. Little ringlets dropped down the sides of her face. Subsequently, they put a small full and silver crown atop her head.
Arowen sighed as the maid let her go, who only gave her a scowl, as she left.

“Hopefully nobody will notice me when I walk in” Arowen thought strolling toward the choir chamber. Carefully the seven year old opened the door peeking in. Most of the children were chatting enthusiastically; the noise was almost a roar. Arowen straightened and quickly went in. Her plan almost worked, with no one seeing her, that is, if you don’t count her eagle-eyed and last eldest brother, Storm. “Listening in on secret conversations, again lil’sis?” his voice was sly as he spoke. Arowen stood beside him, and smoothed out her dusty blue gown. Then, keeping her face as flat as possible she said, “Now why in the name of Fairroren would you think that, dear brother?”
Storm pretened to be thoughtful, then he pulled a leaf out of his sister’s hair.
His blue eyes twinkled with mischief, as his voice dripped with false surprise, “Oh really? Then what’s this?” Arowen couldn’t keep the shock from her face. With all the scrubbing the maids did she was surprised the leaf had stayed. “I have no idea where that came from.” She sniffed and tried to look unperturbed. Storm only raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Alright, I want silence in this room! “ A lofty and fair haired man suddenly entered the room; his hard, piercing eyes skimming over the assembly.
The room had gone deathly quite. Most of the students had a respectful fear of Master Bluestone, he was not a person to be trifled with. Master Bluestone’s eyes reached Arowen. “I want to see you after class.” He said pointing a finger at her. Storm bent towards the girl saying, “Do you want a coffin of yew or mahogany?” Arowen slapped her brother’s arm to simply receive a kick to the shins. “Would you to like me to arrange both of you a visit with the eastern trolls?” asked Bluestone politely. The two siblings stopped kicking instantly.
When the lesson was over Bluestone called Arowen over to his desk. Arowen stood there watching him patiently. “Were you climbing trees again?” Bluestone did not look up at her, but continued to write on a large piece of parchment. Arowen sighed. “How can I be so predictable?”
”Yes sir.” She replied. Bluestone dipped his quill in an ink bottle. “I know very well your mother forbids that.” For a moment the only sound in the room was the scratching of the quill. Arowen looked down at the paper Bluestone was writing on. There were symbols, freshly scrolled in shiny, black ink. They twirled and flowed like the purest water. The girl recognized the script as elvish from her studies, and before Master Bluestone yanked the parchment away Arowen disconcerted two words. “The Guardians.”
“Who are the Guardians? Is Bluestone possibly a Fairorrian spy?” she wondered.
The teacher steeped his fingers, looking at Arowen with those piercing eyes.
”Well, have you anything to say for yourself?”
“I don’t think it’s fair.” Arowen took a deep breath she could feel herself getting emotional. “The trees get lonely, they’re just like people! They need someone to talk to!” The young girl blushed, embarrassed at her out burst. Master Bluestone smiled, still looking at her with those eyes. Arowen glanced at him warily. There was a secret knowing in those eyes, something that disturbed her. Suddenly, Bluestone’s face hardened. He gathered his papers and abruptly stood. “Don’t be late for my class again. Arowen nodded, “Yes Master Bluestone.”
“Good day my lady.”

Later that evening, Arowen and Sunrose were called to their mother’s study. Sunrose looked at her sister, “You’re the one who climbed the tree you knock. Arowen glared at her and knocked. “Enter!” The sharp voice stung like knives. The study was small and plainly furnished. A scrubby wooden desk, stacked with papers, sat in the left corner; its stiff chair was pulled away from it, the box like fireplace was covered with soot and half burned coals. There was a single unshuttered window, letting in fresh night air.
Queen Sapphire paced before it like an angry tigress, her honey colored hair swung viously in its braid. Her deep blue eyes were narrowed, seeming to burn a hole in the wall. The usual blush in her cheeks was now a flushed red. “You- you- I can’t believe you’d do this!” Sapphire balled her hands into fists. “Sunrose you should be ashamed of yourself! I would have never thought this of you!” Sunrise looked down at the floor, suddenly finding it very interesting. “Mother it was my fault don’t-“Arowen began.
“Do not speak!” Sapphire’s voice cracked, rising in pitch. “Never, in my reign, would I’ve thought my daughters to do this. I have raised you to be respectful, and this is how you put out.” There was silence; no one knew what to say. Sapphire took a slow breath and spoke; “Your punishment is to clean the castle by yourself, without cleaning magic.” (Which is the only magic they had then) Sunrise’s jaw dropped, Rowan’s face went blank.
“This will only last for two months.” Sapphire looked at them sternly. Then she sighed and said, “You are dismissed, Arrowed and I need to talk alone.” Sunrise bowed her head, gave Arrowed a see- you- later look and left. Sapphire strode back to the window, her back tall and stiff, arms folded. Arowen stood there and said nothing, for the electric vibe of her mother’s anger still lingered in the small room. “Your father told me you were climbing trees. Is that true?” The queen’s voice was quietly controlled. Arowen swallowed, “Yes.” Queen Sapphire whipped around. Arowen winced, and took a step back. “Arowen! How many times have I told you not to climb trees?” Arowen always thought it was strange that her mother would never let her climb trees, but never expected her mother to act like this.
After what seemed like centuries of pacing and deep breathing, Sapphire looked at Arowen, clearly thinking hard. Rubbing her temples the worn woman sighed.
“Your additional punishment for what you have done, I have decided that for two months, you banned from going outside.” The girl’s heart sank, she loved nature!
But she bowed acceptingly, “Yes madam.” Finally Sapphire let Arowen go.

“So Sunny, this morning where did you learn the mind trick?” Arowen and Sunrose sat in the bed chamber they shared, quietly talking. Sunrose shrugged. “I’m not for sure, but remember that we’re paternal twins, maybe that’s how we got it. Our powers must be getting stronger.” Arowen shook her head. “But I don’t understand, mother says you were born in the morning and I later that night.” Sunrose sighed, then turning over in their separate beds, and went to sleep.
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