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Old 12-09-2005, 01:32 PM   #1
talking tree
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Default short story about eds...

the news today said something about the number of young people who live in my city who suffer from eating disorders...its really scary :S:S. Ok, the story is short so, of course i couldnt describe everything about eds, but.. well, just read and tell me what u think

'Youre fat, you're fat, you're fat,' she repeated that to herself to sleep, it was her lullaby. Lately she couldn't help feeling bad everytime she looked at the mirror and saw her ugly body. She found it so disgusting that sometimes she did not need to put her fingers in her throat to vomit: a simple look at herself was enough for her to throw up.
She had been fasting for about five months. If she ever needed to eat, she vomited. She had lost a lot of weight, but she still was not satisfied with her body. Her best friend was really worried about her.
- Heather, you should stop now, before it is too late.- He had said that plenty of times, but her friend didn't want to listen to him.
- Look, just let it go, ok? Don't worry about me, I can control myself. As soon as I weight 40 kilos I'll stop fasting and vomiting.
- Are you insane!? 40 kilos!! You'd better be kidding! What the hell...?- Mishar did not finish the sentence. He had had enough.- Do whatever you want. I need to search some stuff in the Internet, Ill be right back.- With those words he left the room. He was upset with the situation. He couldn't help his friend, she was sick and he lacked the experience and knowledge he needed to help her. The only thing he could do was being behind Heather, who did not even recognize she suffered (from) eating disorders.

The girl didn't move when Mishar left. She knew something like that was going to happen.'I should have never told him about it,' she thought. But it was not just Mishar who was worried about her, most of her friends had asked her many times if there was something wrong. Of course there was something wrong, her body was disgusting, wasn't that bad enough? She found it frustrating when people did not understand her.

Some minutes later she started to feel hungry...and empty. She went to the kitchen and started to eat both to quench her hunger and to fill her emptiness. She ate chocolate, sanwitches, crips...Soon her hunger dissappeared, but the emptiness she felt inside stayed, so she kept on eating until her stomach was full. Then, she went to the bathroom and knelt next to the WC. As she was vomiting, Mishar broke into the room and hold her long black hair so it did not get dirty. When she was about to put her fingers in her throat again, Mishar took her arm.
- Mish, let me do it- her stomach was aching.
- NO.- Mishar didn't want to see how her friend starved herself. He wouldn't watch her fade away.
- Look at me. I ned to vomit. Only one more time, please...- her voice was weak, as if she was giving up on everything.
- No Heather. I can't watch how you kill yourself little by little with my arms folded.-Mishar was trying to sound tough, but he was trying to keep back his tears.
- I... I have a problem, Mish. I am... I am scared of myslef. I want to stop this, but I can't. I am not strong enough. Besides, anytime I eat something my stomach aches and the food just doesn't stay there, you know.And.. you can't even imagine how I feel when I am alone in the kitchen. I eat and eat, nonstop, and...-she broke down. Her crying didn't let her go on. She was trembling and she felt worse than ever.
- I know it, I know it...-said Mishar in a very low voice while hugging her. This time he couldn't stop his tears, his friend seemed very depressed and that broke his heart. - We are going for a walk now, O.K.? And after that we are going to visit a friend of mine who is a pshycologist. He will help us. We are going to get over this, but we need to be strong and be together.
- I am so sorry, Mish. You must think I am selfish. I know I suck much, thanks for being with me.
- You don't suck, Heather. You are just sick, but you will be recovered soon. I have never thought anything bad about you, don't be silly.

Heather visited Mishar's friend and she started to attend some sessions to try to get over her problem. She stopped starving herself and she felt more self-confident.

In the next few years, Heather had some problems with food again, but she did not let them become an illness again.
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Old 12-09-2005, 04:44 PM   #2
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you got some gramatical errors, but ur not that great at English cuz u just started 3 years ago right. besides that stuff is what the editor is for right
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that's a really good friend she's got. I'd like to think that she's the only one with that sort of problem, but plenty of girls have it. sad really. but good story.
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