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**********************Chapter 3****************************

It was early outside and grandma was probably still asleep in her bed. I decided to write a letter to letter to Kan, a friend of my who moved overseas to Switzerland a year ago. I figured that maybe he would understand whats going on with me more than I can.

Dear Kan,
I how is switzerland. I heard it was nice and peaceful up there doing the winter. Though the reason why I'm writting this letter is because some strange things have been going on lately. Time seems to be slowing down and I have a massive fever that I can't feel. I don't even feel queasy or sick, or like I've got a massive headache. There's this weird guy name Jake who took me to this warehouse, someone else was in there but I have a feeling that they might have something to do with all of this but I don't really know what it is and I can't put a finger to it.
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