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" Hey sweet pea, I made you some soup," my grandma saids, bringing a steaming hot bowl of soup my way. It was chicken noodle, but instead of the can there were big chunks of chicken breast and noodles in a creamy home made chicken broth. It all smell good, but I really wasn't in the mood to eat. Yet I took a few bites, show that I appreciated her effort. The warmth of it sent a surge of heat down my body. By this my father was gone. I decided to turn back on the T.V. "Hanna Motana" was on. My friends tease me about watching it all the time, but I just can't help it. Today's episode is about her crush on her new celebrity classmate. Of course in the end when she goes to tell him that she likes him, he's with another girl, but of course sometimes you can't have it all and even I know how that goes. Infact I remember feeling very embarrassed and locking myself in the girl's bathroom stall to cry my eyes out. I continue to turn the channel. There seems to be nothing else that caught my interest. I cut the T.V off, my head was starting to get a headache anyway and it was getting late.

To Be Continued......................................... .......
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