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" It's only a mouse," he says. I grab his hand to steady myself. They were cold and ruff. He then dragged me into a small room set to the side that I hadn't notice before. The smell of dirty rag lingered in the air it was pitched dark. I couldn't make out a thing. When the room was alight, everything came into view. Straight in front of me there was a unoccupied desk abanded and collecting dust. Behind the desk was a window. The shades were blackened with filth. On the right of me was empty boxes stack to the ceiling. This must have been and office, but why would an office be in a werehouse I wondered. Before giving it must thought, my eyes were immediately drawn to a large black lump in the corner. Whatever it was, was very must alive. Frightening as I was, I could not move. All I could do was watch as jake summon the body towards me. What happened next, I could not say. All I know is that I could feel myself running out of the warehouse. The only thing in my mind was to get as far away as possible. I must have been running for miles when I reach my grandma's. I was in such a disarray when she answered the door. There was hardly any air left in me. My body was cake in sweat like a rubber glove. Then everything went black.

to be continued......................................... .....................
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