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" Sam I'm really not in the mood to talk right now,"

" It's not Sam," the voice from the reciever says.

"Jake," I said astonished.
"How did you get my number."

"Out of the phone book."

"But why would you go thr......" he cuts me off.

"Sid I really need to meet with you it's important, I'll be there in a few seconds to pick you up," he saids quickly before hanging up the phone. What in the world did he want to speak with me for, I thought to myself. His voice sound worried, which made no sense to me at all. Besides how was I going to get out of house chores long enough to talk to him.

I look around for some kind of idea. Then it came to me grandma's mail was sent to our address on mistake, she might me needing it.

"Dad, do you mind if I run over to grandma's to take her her mail"

"Don't try to trick me Sid, if I even see you anywhere besides taking grandma her mail. I'll put you on house arrest. You'll be home school for now on." he said in his matter of fact voice. That was a close one. I grab coat and grandma's mail and went out of the door. Jake's car was park in front waiting.

"What took you so long,"

"Well you have some nerve don't you, I'm practically risking my but for you."

"Sorry," he saids in a softer tone. I was starting to think it was a mistake to be out here, but before I could make up my mind rather to turn back or not, we pull off.

"So what did you want me for," I asked to break the Silence.

To be Continued......................................... ................
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