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As if reading my mind Sam introduces him to me.

" Sid this is Jake, Jake this is my friend Sid,"

I could feel myself starting to blush. "Run Sid Run move your feet," I said to myself. It was no use my feet were glued to the ground. He noticed me blush and gave another one of is calm, cool smiles. I couldn't help noticing his eyes were a dark shade of blue almost indigo. He had the perfect hair, it was black with a few strands dangling in front of his face. His skin was smooth and of a copper color." hey, hey," I could hear someone calling.
I blinked my eyes for a few seconds and I could see that it clearly was jake that was talking to me.

"Yes," I answered back.

" Are you okay?"

" Yes, I'm fine, why"

" It's just you had a strange worried look on your face," he said still smiling.

" It's nothing, I'm just tired I guess"

By this time the group had shorten and Sam was back inside apparently doing some kind of new dance on the dance floor. She looked really dunk to me. She must of had way too much punch. I definitely wasn't going to let her drive in that condition, but I had no money for a cab and no lincense either.

" Hey Jake," I said hardly believing what I was going to ask him to do.
" Yes," he turn and looked my way. I ask if he would mind taking me and my friend home. He agreed to do it, that was the easy part. The hard part was trying to get Sam out of the house. As soon as we got to the car door she puke all over my shoes. I tried not to mind it when we put her in the back seat, but I couldn't help feeling completely gross out by it.

To be continued...............................
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