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"So how is college life going for you."

"Fine actually, I'm taking a photograpy course there. If you ever decide to visit I could show you their darkroom. It definitely a sight to see."

" Well I should consider that when I'm looking for a good college to go to."

I then look at my cell phone for the time. It was 11:30 and my curfew was 12. I said my goodbyes to Charlotte and went to find Sam. She no longer was at the snack table so I decided maybe she could be in the kitchen getting refreshments. Not there either. Eventually I found her in the back yard by the pool. There was a crowd of guys by her. She wisper to one of them that made him start laughing very loudly.

" Oh there you are Sid, isn't this party great, I never want to leave," she said giggling to another one of the guys. I pull her aside and whisper that I needed to go.

" Oh Sid now, the party hasn't ended yet. Besides there's plenty of cute guys out here I think you might be interested in," she saids in the conning little voice of hers as if nothing is wrong with me staying a little longer. I gave her my serious look of meaning what I say when I need to go home. I was determined not to let her con me into staying.

"Come on don't give me that look. You deserve this night out to have fun. Loosen up a bit I'm sure your dad will understand, after all he was a teen once himself. I'm sure he wouldn't want his litte girl bored to death sitting at home. He would want his little girl out having the time of her life with her dearest friend."

As soon as she said this I knew it wasn't true, but I didn't want to be sitting at home on a Friday night bored out of my wit and talking to the T.V screen with a bag of popcorn in my hand. Besides I could always come up with an excuse of why I was late.

"Oh alright," I said giving a exasperated sigh." I'll stay a little longer."

"Okay than, now that thats settle, there's someone I want you to see." she says with her conning grin. Apparently she has won again, I'm so pathetic, I know I'm going to regrett this decision later. We go back over to the crowd of guys. I'm shaking and very nervous. I haven't talked to a guy in ages let along be in a crown full of them.

" hey guys, this is Sid a friend of mine"
Their eyes are all pointing in my direction to say something. Say Something Sid, I tell myself, but what should I say. My eyes zoom up and I am short of breath. In a blue jacket is a guy who I've never seen before, he must of just show up when me and Sid show up. He smiles at me.

To Be Continued......................................... .
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