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Eventually we arrive at the party. Already I'm feeling uncomfortable. I blow it away with a quick sift of my hand, thinking that the nervousness could only be caused from my lack of experience at a party. Sam introduces me to a group of people standing near the snack table. They all look familiar, but neither of them am I aquainted with. We talk for a few minutes, the consversation to me seems like a bore. Sam on the other hand seem very captured by the subject and had alot to say about who should be this year's homecoming queen. Of course since there were plenty of people at the party, I figure why waste my time being bored to death when there's bound to be someone else here who shares the same interest as me. I made my way through the dimmly lit room to a girl with bright red hair sitting at the table. As I gotten near I immediately recognized who it was.
"Charlotte," I said apparently sounding less surprised than I actually was.
" Hey Sidney, It's been awhile since I've seen you.How have you been," she raises up given me a friendly greeting.
"Yes fine, I half expect you to be here."

" Well, I half expected to be here myself, but here I am."

" Yes, I can see that, and you look positively stunning. I never seen you look that way before. I have to say it's definitely a first."

She blushes at my comment and returns it by admiring my blue blouse. I barely noticed what I was wearing let along the color of my blouse was blue. Being in such a rush I half examined what I grab to put on. It was a risk, but a good risk at that, I thought to myself examining what I had on. We continue to talk about her being back at Harper and than we drift to talk about her life at the New England Institute of Art in Boston.
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